Tommy Wiseau Stars in Transformers Parody Car Botz!

Tommy Wiseau stars in Car Botz!, a Transformers parody trailer. Wiseau is a man who has achieved something incredible and rare. He made a movie that is largely considered to be one of the worst - if not the worst - ever made, and still became famous for it. His film The Room - not to be confused with the Oscar-winning Room - has achieved cult status for its unintentional humor, and late night screenings often involve audience interaction and thrown plastic silverware. Wiseau wrote, directed, and starred in The Room and tends to show up at events where the film is screened to pose for pictures and answer questions.

Despite seeming to enjoy his fame, Wiseau is very private about his life, often making contradictory claims about where he is from, how old he is, and various events which may have happened to him. He has continued to find occasional work as a director or actor, generally in parody projects or other cult classics.

Now he appears in a trailer for the Transformers parody Car Botz! The trailer - made by Loot Crate - features Wiseau as President Roman, and his performance is just what any fan of his would expect.

Bumblebee - Transformers 3

Allegedly, Car Botz! was made in the fictional country of Morovia two weeks after a low-budget filmmaker saw the teaser trailer for Transformers. The trailer for Car Botz! starts off with an incredibly fake looking flaming comet headed straight towards earth. When it crashes to the surface, a car appears. It's found by Sam, who is thrilled to have found a free car, and takes it for a spin, only for a face to seemingly grow from the steering wheel. The same face also grows out of the bumper while the Sam's friend Liza tries to examine the engine. The military is looking for the car bot, in order to fight its enemy - The Corruptotron. When the car bot - Rumblebug - hears about the Corruptotron, he transforms into a robot that is clearly made from cardboard.

After all this, President Roman is finally seen, giving a speech on TV. Throughout the rest of the parody trailer, Wiseau's President Roman continues to pop up, encouraging people to fight back against the evil robots, including the moon - yes, the moon is an evil robot - and even engaging in a bit of fire-play himself.

The trailer's creator, Loot Crate, is best known for shipping monthly crates full of mystery pop culture items to subscribers. Car Botz! is a new venture for them, most of their videos are non-fiction. But with the backing of people like Tommy Wiseau, who knows what is in store for Loot Crate. Maybe even a feature-length version of Car Botz!

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Source: Loot Crate

Key Release Dates
  • Transformers 5/Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) release date: Jun 21, 2017
  • Bumblebee (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
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