Exclusive: Transformers TCG Preview - Wave 4 Crosshairs & Mirage

Transformers TCG Wave 4 Exclusive Preview Crosshairs Mirage

The Transformers Trading Card Game is preparing for its fourth wave, War For Cybertron: Siege 2, and will include new Autobots and Decepticons alongside a special Titan-sized Trypticon card. The Transformers TCG has been making a name for itself with consistent, popular expansions that re-focus each release on what matters most to fans of the series: more depictions of fan favorite robots, gradually deepening mechanics, and gameplay that attempts to mimic the way the Autobots and Decepticons battle in other popular media.

While the Transformers TCG occupies a much smaller niche than competitors like Magic: The Gathering's much more established tabletop following and Hearthstone's dominant online presence, it has nevertheless carved out a place for itself amongst fans of physical card games. Having assault bases, cards that combine together to form bigger cards when flipped, and other unique mechanics have made the Transformers TCG a great representation of the features of the series its based on, and has connected with fans to establish itself as another way to enjoy a decades-old but still popular IP.

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Transformers TCG War For Cybertron: Siege 2 is quickly approaching its November 8 release date, and as it inches closer, that means more card previews are beginning to emerge from Hasbro. Screen Rant is lucky enough to have two new cards to show off for fans of the game - take a look at Crosshairs and Mirage:

Transformers TCG Wave 4 Sergeant Crosshairs
Transformers TCG Wave 4 Sergeant Mirage

Crosshairs returns based on his Generation 1 Autobot appearance as the weapons supervisor, featuring his off-road vehicle form and calling back to old-school representations of the character. It's an interesting and nostalgic take on a character who has alternated between Decepticon and Autobot allegiances since his initial appearance, but most recently showed up in Transformers: Age of Extinction as a trenchcoat-wearing Autobot mostly interested in his own self-preservation. A return to the classic form is also on the books for Mirage, who resumes his F1 car form and his role as an Autobots Special Ops spy. These are two characters who long-time fans of the franchise will be excited to see in the Transformers TCG War For Cybertron: Siege 2 expansion, and they both feature mechanics that will definitely draw deckbuilders towards trying them out.

Transformers War For Cybertron: Siege 2 will release on November 8, 2019 in the United States and certain other regions. The set will be released in 30-pack sealed booster boxes and will feature the Trypticon card that's generated so much hype for fans in a guaranteed Trypticon pack within that product, which will include the gigantic card alongside the three Character Cards needed for it. It's an exciting time for Transformers TCG fans and Crosshairs and Mirage are just some of the exciting reveals Hasbro has had regarding the future of the game, making it an excellent time for fans to give it a shot this November.

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