Hasbro's Own Convention Exclusive is a Transforming Power Charger

Hasbro's own HASCON convention is exclusively releasing a phone charger inspired by Optimus Prime. The iconic Transformers hero will be well-represented at HASCON, which takes place Sept. 8-10 at the Rhode Island Convention Center. The event will feature plenty of attractions related to the Transformers franchise, including first-look previews at Discovery Family's Transformers: Rescue Bots, as well as other popular Hasbro properties like Nerf, Magic: The Gathering, and G.I. Joe.

HASCON will also include activities related to Disney-owned franchises like Star Wars, The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy, including movie props and costumes that will be on display and hands-on "art tutorials". But Transformers remains one of the marquee names at the convention, and they're celebrating the continued success of the franchise with two brand new products, one of which is a new Optimus Prime-inspired phone charger exclusive to the event.

Hasbro announced in a press release that one of their new products being released at HASCON is the Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank, which will be available exclusively at the convention for $49.99. It converts from robot to charger in 16 steps and comes with a light-up LED sword accessory as well as a mobile phone stand. Compatible with most devices, the Power Bank comes with its own micro USB/USB charging cable.

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HASCON will also release a new Arcee special edition figure set as part of the Transformers Titans Return toy line. The set includes a G1-inspired Titans Return Deluxe Class figure of the popular female Autobot, as well as a special edition Titan Master Ultra Magnus figure with die-cast parts. The set comes with two blaster accessories, two collector cards, and special edition packaging. The figure will eventually see a wider release, but will first be available at HASCON.

Exclusive releases like the Optimus Prime Power Bank and the new Titans Return Arcee figure will only make HASCON more exciting for attendees. The phone charger, in particular, is an intriguing product for collectors to get their hands on as a product that will only be available at the convention. If you're a big Transformers fan and can make it to Rhode Island, HASCON is practically a must-see event.

Unfortunately for those who can't make it to the Rhode Island Convention Center in September, these new products may be hard to come by in the fall. The Arcee figure will be much easier to find than the Optimus Prime charger, which will soon become a relatively rare item. But for Transformers fans and collectors, the new products will certainly be worth a try to obtain.

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Source: Hasbro

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