Transformers Movie Universe Reboot Might Not Happen After All

Despite recent reports to the contrary, it seems that the Transformers movie franchise won't be rebooting after all. It's hard to believe that it's been over a decade since the robots in disguise made their live-action debut. Transformers debuted to a mixed critical reception back in July of 2007, but it proved to be an unexpected box office smash nevertheless, racking up over $700 million worldwide. Just like that, a blockbuster film franchise was born, and director Michael Bay and co. went on to crank out a staggering four sequels in less than ten years.

The quality of the Transformers sequels have reflected their quick turnaround, but despite the series' increasingly awful critical reception (they sport a combined 29% over on Rotten Tomatoes), they've continued to pull in massive numbers at the box office. Franchises that pull in over $4.3 billion in five entries don't come around very often, so Paramount and Hasbro have made every effort to take the Transformers brand as far as they can. As of last year, plans were in place for a sixth and seventh outing in the main series, movies that would be released sometime after this winter's Bumblebee spinoff. At one point, Bay himself confirmed that Paramount had as many as 14 different completed scripts ready to go under the Transformers banner, including one set in ancient Rome, because sure, why not?

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More recent events have called the franchise's future into question, however. Transformers: The Last Knight took an unexpected nosedive at the box office last summer, and we learned shortly afterwards that the Bumblebee solo film would be sporting a significantly smaller budget. The big bombshell, however, came earlier this weekend, when representatives for Hasbro stated that the blockbuster franchise would be reset following the release of Bumblebee. That scoop is already being called into question, however, as Bleeding Cool is now reporting that the Transformers brand manager refuted the idea of a reboot during Hasbro's presentation at Toy Fair New York.

Death of Optimus Prime in Transformers

Don’t believe what you hear, don’t worry.

It's not quite a full-on denial, but it's not like a full reboot would ever be officially confirmed before an installment was released, anyway. Bumblebee doesn't drop until December, and confirming a reboot now could have a major impact on its box office performance. If the Transformers franchise is indeed hitting the reset button, we likely won't know about it until next year.

Many diehard Transformers fans probably view the idea of a reboot as a good thing at this point (seriously, the series is getting incomprehensibly awful), but unless Bumblebee impresses at the box office, this franchise may not have much life in it anyway. Do you think this franchise is dead in the water, or are you keeping your fingers crossed for the G1-style reboot that so many fans have been clamoring for? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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