Optimus Prime - Autobot

Transformers Character Guide - Optimus Prime

Description: Optimus Prime is thought to be the last in the long line of Cybertonian Primes. As the leader of the Autobots, he is a fearless and compassionate leader. He order the All Spark jettisoned into space and feels responsible for bringing the Decepticons to Earth. He has sworn an oath to protect the humans on Earth from the evil and destructive Decepticons. His alternate mode is a powerful Peterbilt 379 long-nose truck and he goes into battle with an Ion Blaster, Barrage Cannons and two massive energon blades that replace his hands.


Ratchet - Autobot

Transformers Character Guide - Ratchet

Description: Ratchet serves as the Autobots' medical officer and transforms into a yellow emergency AM General Hummer H2. Even though he heals by design and dislikes violence, Ratchet is no passevist and will quickly jump into any fray with the Decepticons, fighting side-by-side with his best friend Ironhide.  He can convert his surgical tools into weapons and sports a nifty and deadly buzzsaw on one arm.


Scorponok - Decepticon

Transformers Character Guide - Scorponok

Description: Scorponok is Blackout's deadly right-hand assistant and has what appears to be a symbiotic-type relationship with him. Taking the shape of a scropion, Scorponok can burrow through the ground with blinding speed which makes him great at ambushing his opponents - dispatching them with ease. Besides his deadly tail, Scorponok is armed with 6 six ion cannons - 3 each hidden behind his pincer like claws.


Starscream - Decepticon

Transformers Character Guide - Starscream

Description: Starscream is Megatron's second in command - though if given the opportunity he would betray Megatron for a chance to lead the Decepticons. He rules the air as a F-22 Raptor but prefers subtlety and deception to out-and-out brute force. He prefers picking on opponents smaller than himself and fights them with a missile launcher and machine guns.


All Spark Bots

Dispensor - Decepticon

Description: Dispensor was created by the All Spark as Sam Witwicky fled from Megatron. In alternate mode he is a seemingly harmless Mountain Dew machine but in robot form he is deadly serving Death Dew Bombs from his can shooting arm cannons.


Nokia Robot - Decepticon

Description: Once a simple Nokia N93i cell phone but brought to life by energy from the All Spark, this guy is small but with his Gatling gun tail he packs a big punch.


Steering Wheel Robot - Decepticon

Description: Another All Spark creation as Sam Witwicky ran from Megatron, this bot's alternate form is a steering wheel from a Cadillac Escalade. Having no real weapons, the bot using it's long spider-like legs to grip the face of it's victims.


XBOX 360 Robot - Decepticon

Description: Just a simple robot granted life by the All Spark whose alternate form is a Microsoft XBOX 360. Not much is known about him because he is destroyed by the Autobots soon after creation.


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