Transformers Star on How Humans Would Actually React To Them

The latest bit of information from the set of Transformers: The Last Knight has franchise star Josh Duhamel discussing how humans would actually react to the titular extraterrestrials. Seeing as how the latest installment in the Transformers series stands as the last directorial outing from Michael Bay as the chief creative lead - or so he says - all eyes are likely to be fixated on the silver screen this weekend as the latest bit of Bayhem sees its theatrical debut.

Ahead of general audiences pouring into theaters to see Transformers: The Last Knight, advance reviews have been lukewarm, and the movie is expected to underperform when compared to the preceding series of franchise films. Nevertheless, Bay and company are expected to make a killing at the international box office - with an expected global debut between $237.5 and $270 million. On that note, one of the film's many stars offered an interesting avenue by which to view the new movie and the surrounding franchise as a first contact/alien invasion science fiction genre feature.

In our interview with Transformers: The Last Knight star Josh Duhamel, we compared the Transformers franchise to other blockbusters that have seen fit to explore the response to an alien invasion by the human population - specifically citing such contemporary examples as Arrival and Man of Steel. To wit, Duhamel offered his own take on how people might actually respond to the invasion of the Autobots and Decepticons:

"Well the popular theory is that if they come, we’re in trouble. Yeah, I think that we would definitely try, we would do everything we have to… unless there was some way to sort of figure out that they were here for, y’know, friendly reasons. Part of the problem with what I do in this movie with the TRF is we’re trying to exterminate all of these Transformers from the face of the Earth. We don’t want them here anymore. Having worked with them for all these years now, knowing that some of them are actually good and can actually help us, is a problem for my character because he knows Optimus and Bumblebee can help. So eliminating all of them is not necessarily something he wants to do."

Transformers The Last Knight

Duhamel's intimated skepticism of the ability of the average human being to innately see the good in the average Autobot definitely adds a certain mystique to the surrounding proceedings of the entire franchise, and the competing antagonism displayed by the Decepticons certainly goes a long way to highlighting man's baser inclination towards outright war with their perceived invaders. In due time, general moviegoers can decide for themselves how they might respond in such a first contact situation when they see Transformers: The Last Knight later this weekend.

Undoubtedly, some moviegoers might balk at the very notion of treating Transformers: The Last Knight as possessing the same narrative characteristics and thematic ambitions as something like the critically acclaimed Arrival. However, viewing the Bay directed action vehicle as an alien invasion story a la Man of Steel may give room for a more thorough and rewarding interpretation of the franchise's core traits and motifs.

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