The Ultimate Transformers Gift Guide

The Transformers franchise has been delighting kids and adults for decades. Since it debuted in 1984 as an animated series, Transformers has captured viewers’ imaginations with its story of two alien races split into two warring factions, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. In the cartoon, these “Transformers” came to Earth and hid in plain sight - as cars, trucks, even audiocassettes, until they could trust and befriend humans. There was always “more than meets the eye” to these robots in disguise, and their adventures spawned a merchandise empire.

In recent years, six live-action Transformer films (five directed by Michael Bay) have taken the franchise to epic heights, inspiring love from fans both old and new. Their popularity has caused a surge in new toys, new figurines, and new products, all aimed at filling fans with a sense of nostalgia and wonder, which these gifts surely reinforce.

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Relive all the excitement of Transformers: Age of Extinction with this Bumblebee Funko Pop! straight out of the film. In this fourth installment in the Transformers film franchise, Bumblebee must fight alongside Optimus Prime and Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), a new human friend, to stop an unspeakable evil threatening to take over Earth.

Painted to depict the all-new upgraded looks of the Autobots specially made for the film, Bumblebee stands 3 ¾ inches tall in his classic yellow paneling, with a few technological upgrades to give him an advantage, suitable for the Autobot who is arguably one of the biggest heroes of the film.


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Fans of ‘80s cartoons will love getting their hands on Transformers: The Complete Series with this fifteen disc set. No Saturday Morning was complete without a showing of Transformers, where Peter Cullen famously voiced Optimus Prime for the first time (and then returned to voice him in the live-action films!). Find out how the war on Cybertron began between the two feuding Transformers, the altruistic Autobots and the evil Decepticons.

Not only do you get all the episodes from the hit cartoon (or glorified toy commercial), you also get retrospective featurettes, as well as art galleries full of Transformers illustrations, and some old school toy commercials!


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Show your allegiance to the Decepticons with this cool wool and leather jacket, with the enemy of the Autobots’ shield logo clearly emblazoned on both the front and the back. The Autobots may have the motto “Til All Are One!” but in this all-black jacket, your mission is to “Punish and Enslave”, letting all know who’s the boss the minute you put it on.

Reminiscent of a varsity “Letterman” jacket, it’s black wool front has button closures, while the inside is lined with polyester, both combining for a weighty feel perfect for cold weather. Remember, this jacket will have to be dry-cleaned by pathetic humans!


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One of Megatron’s deadliest lieutenants, Starscream’s thirst for domination was only rivaled by The Decepticon leader himself. As one of Megatron’s deadliest Seekers, this Starscream G1 Museum Scale Statue depicts Starscream ready to attack, sculpted to resemble how he appeared in the popular ‘80s cartoon in exacting detail.

A mighty 26.5 inches tall, Starscream is seen launching from a purple pad depicting the Decepticon logo, the vapor trail from his jets ablaze with full color. His features are hand painted in stunning tones of purple, grey, and blue to bring his 2-dimensional form to life. With a ton of interchangeable features, you have all you need to create an amazing Transformers display.


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You’ve never seen Megatron like this before! Created by Prime 1 Studio for Sideshow Collectibles, the fearsome leader of the Decepticons, revived in Transformers: The Last Knight, has come to punish the human race in the absence of one of its most legendary defenders, Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots.

With the most advanced technology at his fingertips channeled into the archaic weapons of a medieval knight, this beautifully sculpted statue stands a titanic 31 inches tall, perfectly echoing the historical ethos of the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise. LED lights transform his eyes, right arm, and illuminate the base to make the ultimate collectible.


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For fans of the classic cartoon that aired between 1984 and 1987, no Transformers aficionado should be without this 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray. Set twenty years after the evil Decepticons and heroic Autobots have been fighting, a new threat looms that could wipe out them both; Unicron (voice by Orson Welles), a Transformer the size of an entire planet!

Check out our unboxing of this amazing Transformers 35th Anniversary package Hasbro sent over!

This edition was truly made for the fans; each frame has been systematically remastered, with color correction making the Autobots and Decepticons look as bright as ever. Plus, watch bonus featurettes about the restoration process, interviews with cast and crew, and browse illustrated art galleries.


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If you missed out on owning an Optimus Prime figure of your very own back when the cartoon premiered in the ‘80s, here’s your chance to relive your childhood with this Transformer Wei Jiang Masterpiece MPP10 Oversized Optimus Prime. The Transformer toys were made with metal moving parts back then, so this figurine looks and feels like the real deal!

Standing an impressive 12 inches tall, Optimus Prime has a die-cast metal chest, just like the G1 original figure. With over a dozen points of articulation (he has movable fingers!), recreate all your favorite action poses, and don’t worry about him breaking like cheap imitations.


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Now you can have all the action of the Transformers franchise in one place with the Ultimate Five Movie Collection on Blu-Ray in 4k and Ultra HD. Follow the heroic Autobots as they fight alongside humans to stop the evil Decepticons from bringing their wave of terror to Earth. Cheer on Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and all your favorites throughout Michael Bay’s pulse-pounding blockbusters.

This collection contains Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and finally Transformers: The Last Knight all with stunning video and audio clarity. Geek out over tons of special features including interviews with the cast and crew, a look at bringing the Transformers to life in CG, and much more!

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