Your Transformers Cosplay Will Never Be This Adorable

Three young Transformers cosplayers perform a beguiling bit of transformation that needs to be seen to be believed. Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Bumblebee are all miraculously portrayed by the trio in a private Facebook video post that went viral earlier today, featuring the star characters of Transformers depicted as never before.

Modern cosplay culture represents a growing creative effort which can be stunning to behold, often evoking some of the most inventive use of basic household materials that people can find on the internet. Many cosplayers enjoy sharing detailed how-to’s of their imaginative methods and gob-smacking creations on websites like YouTube and Instructables. Which is why, in this case, it’s so unfortunate that there is such limited information on these kids.

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Two Autobots are seen in the video (below), along with the most vocal and untrustworthy of the Decepticons, automatically transforming into their vehicular counterparts in surprisingly quick motion. While an adult records them — in a video which is, sadly, absent of the Transformers' sonic fanfare in either the beloved cartoon or the Michael Bay cinematic franchise — the three young cosplayers essentially curl into a ball, while their costumes perform the rest of the magic around them. Take a look:

These transformers kids were amazing!! 👍👏 full video :

Posted by Robby Eccleshall on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

While limited information exists about this particular crew of Transformers fans, their performance is stellar. For instance, notice the way  Optimus Prime’s wheels fold perfectly behind his chassis, or how Bumblebee’s Camaro doors align with the frame of the rest of the car, showcasing a carefully constructed design. While it’s unlikely that the children themselves constructed the entire costumes, they do look to be enjoying the performative part. The best that can be determined about this particular video is that it was recorded at the Ottawa Comic-Con last weekend, having since been licensed by a private YouTube account but shared and viewed by millions on Twitter and Facebook since its release.

As for the Transformers franchise itself, the newest live-action film in the series, Transformers: The Last Knight, released in mid-2017 to middling reviews and reception. Since then, Bumblebee looks to be getting his own spinoff at the end of the year, before an expected reset of the cinematic franchise, though recent reports seem to indicate that a reset (or reboot, depending on the source) isn't happening anymore. For now, Transformers fans can look forward to seeing the franchise's first spinoff film hit theaters this holiday season.

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Source: Robby Eccleshall (via Viral Snare)

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