'Transformers' Combiner Wars Animated Series Coming From Machinima

Transformers Animated Series Combiner Wars Machinima

Since the mid-1980s, the Transformers franchise has remained a popular multimedia property beloved by children and adults alike. Initially launched as a toy line by Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy, the line was given an expanded backstory by comic book legends Jim Shooter and Dennis O'Neil. Since then, there have been dozens of iterations of the characters, spanning television, movies, toys, comics and video games.

Whether you're a fan of Generation One or Michael Bay's take on the universe, everyone can agree that the idea of transforming robots fighting each other is a brilliant one. Hasbro has capitalized on this potential over the last thirty years, but only recently have they launched a line-wide story they plan to tell across multiple mediums. That storyline is called Combiner Wars and it's getting its own animated series.

THR revealed the existence of an animated series that ties into the established events of the Combiner Wars - detailing that Hasbro has teamed up with the video network Machinima to produce the series (which is currently untitled). Tom Warner, Hasbro's senior VP of the Transformers line, told the outlet that the series will deliver something fans have long been asking for: an animated series targeted to older audiences.

"[Machinima is] the perfect partner to help launch a totally new kind of Transformers animations -- one that, for the first time ever, is specifically designed for the teen and adult fans who've grown up loving the Transformers brand."

The events of Combiner Wars have been playing out across the IDW Transformers comic line and feature ideas based on the Combiner Wars toy line. The central idea of the series is that a group of transformers can join together to form a 'Combiner' (read: an even bigger robot). Both the Autobots and Decepticons engage in an arms race that eventually leads to all-out war.

Transformers Animated Series Combiner Wars Character

The Combiner Wars story will also factor into Platinum Games' upcoming title Transformers: Devastation. Though details about the storyline of that game are scarce, the plot will fill in details of events taking place both on Cybertron and on Earth. Combining several types of media to tell a cohesive story is something new for the company, and Hasbro CCA Daniel Tibbets sees Combiner Wars as a unique opportunity.

"Our audiences are huge fans of the toys, comics, movies and video games, and for us to continue the legend with the Combiner War is a unique story-telling opportunity."

The Transformers franchise is currently trying to build its own shared cinematic universe, pouring in resources and bringing in top-tier writing talent in an attempt to emulate Marvel's successful MCU formula. Though the films do well at the box office, longtime Transformers fans have long since written off Michael Bay's universe. For those disillusioned viewers, Hasbro seems to be offering something more nostalgic with this crossover. It's a return to the first generation of Transformers - and the comics have successfully brought that universe to new and interesting places thus far.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Is this the Transformers animated series you've been waiting for?


The untitled Transformers animated series does not currently have a release date. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Source: THR

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