15BEST: Galvatron

Galvatron in Transformers

Galvatron is not to be taken lightly. A massively powerful Decepticon, Galvatron is usually portrayed as a dark evolution of the Decepticon leader, Megatron (though not always; the current IDW comics portray him as an ancient Cybertronian warrior who is no less sadistic). The classic G1 iteration of the character

was given his power by the massive, moon-crunching planet Transformer, Unicron, in an effort to help that so-called chaos bringer bring the universe to its knees.

When Unicron was ultimately destroyed, Galvatron was thrown through space, ultimately crashing on a planet covered in lava, where his brain was thoroughly fried before his Decepticon minions located him. As if he weren’t terrifying enough, Galvatron’s brain damage resulted in him becoming dangerously unhinged, essentially a schizophrenic with the power to level planets. Megatron tends to get top billing in the pantheon of Decepticon leaders, but he was never as sadistic or unpredictable as his successor… who was also him(?)

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