Transformers 5 Extended TV Spot Boasts A Dark Tone and Epic Action

Transformers: The Last Knight just premiered a brooding new TV spot that gives the movie a moody tone amid plenty of epic action. The fifth installment in the franchise may be Michael Bay's last as director, but is definitely set to expand the franchise with a revamped backstory that teases a "secret history" of the alien robots that goes back centuries. But of course, it wouldn't be a Michael Bay Transformers movie without plenty of spectacular action scenes.

Indeed, the trailers released so far for The Last Knight have shown off the typically epic visuals that come with the Transformers movies. However, the newest spot brings an even darker edge than what fans have been used to seeing.

The official Twitter page for Transformers has released the new TV spot, which you can watch below. The tease makes heavy use of the movie's many diverse action sequences spanning centuries; one of the standouts is a series of shots from a massive medieval battle involving King Arthur (Liam Garrigan). Juxtaposing silent shots of the action with somber, minimalist background music, it creates a very ominous tone underpinning all the destruction.

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The TV spot contains shots of all the usual suspects you'd expect in a Transformers preview at this point. There's a shot of Optimus Prime taking on several combatants at once, a quick shot of Hot-Rod transforming, and a fresh look at Bumblebee battling Nazis in World War II-era Germany. In addition, it gives a good chunk of screen time to what appears to be the planet-devouring Unicron (although the character remains unconfirmed). The spot concludes with Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton uttering his heavily promoted line, "For a thousand years we've kept it hidden ... the secret history of Transformers."

Like most other promos for The Last Knight, this latest spot makes heavy use of the movie's historical aspects, adding to the promise of the more expansive mythology that could usher in a whole new phase of Transformers sequels, with or without Bay at the helm. What makes this one stand out among most others is that it promotes a much darker film to what's been shown so far.

This new spot will surely get longtime fans of the Transformers franchise more intrigued by what's to come, but it doesn't necessarily promise that the sequel will overcome the shortcomings of prior installments; Transformers has become a heavily derided series, with strong trailers hiding nothing but the same old Bayhem. But Paramount is betting big that its expanded mythology will reinvigorate the franchise, and at the very least this TV spot once again proves that The Last Knight will not be lacking in the action department.

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