Transformers: Last Knight Toys Confirm Megatron & Dragonstorm Designs

Megatron in Transformers The Last Knight

Toy Fair 2017 has been doing its part to get fans excited for this year's upcoming summer blockbusters by giving them plenty of reasons to empty their wallets long after they've paid for admission in theaters. Among the wares on display this year have been looks at Marvel's upcoming releases, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok. While Marvel's toys haven't necessarily revealed anything that hasn't already been seen in the trailers – with the possible exception of Tony Stark's new Iron Man armor – other film properties have gone a decidedly different route.

Earlier, fans curious about what Ares, the Big Bad from Wonder Woman's solo big screen adventure, would look like got their first glimpse. The reveal comes before the villain has been seen on screen, so it comes across as more of a plastic-y amuse-bouche, something to tempt fans before his full-course unveiling in either the next trailer or the film itself. But that's the risk studios take with these toys being made and marketed so far in advance of their filmic counterparts hitting theaters. And as it turns out, Transformers: The Last Knight is in a similar boat as Diana Prince.

Toy Fair is sort of a homecoming for the franchise, considering Transformers first caught the attention of kids everywhere as a toy line and animated series. But while it may feel welcome at an event like this, that doesn't make the successful series of films any less immune to spoilery content hitting the internet in the form of action figures and other movie-related ephemera, as is the case with these new looks at the returning Megatron and the new character Dragonstorm. Take a look at the gallery below:

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The looks come from Seibertron and Coming Soon, and seem to show Megatron has undergone yet another revamp for the film. This iteration comes after the character has been defeated several times, yet never seems to learn his lesson when taking on the Autobots or their leader Optimus Prime. Things may be a little different this time around, as the film's trailers haven't exactly danced around the issue of Prime going… well, a little funny in the head. Whether or not this shift in Prime's personality will necessitate a change in Megatron's role for the film remains to be seen, but at least he'll have a sharp new design regardless the role he plays.

Meanwhile, the big three-headed dragon character, known as Dragonstorm, was also on hand at Toy Fair. A new addition to the cinematic franchise, Dragonstorm will be a perfect fit with the film's storyline that somehow involves the Arthurian legend. Two shots of the new character were revealed; showing both is menacing dragon form and his robotic one, which makes use of the former's tale by turning it into a rather intimidating-looking sword.

The film is still a few months away from its release date, meaning there's plenty of time for Paramount to get both new-look Megatron and Dragonstorm into the marketing mix.

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Source: Seiberton, Coming Soon

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