Transformers: The Last Knight TV Spot Shows Baby Dinobots and Grimlock

Paramount is currently waiting for Ghost in the Shell to debut at the end of the month, but the attention has already started to turn to their biggest tentpole franchise: Transformers. Michael Bay is once again calling the shots for Transformers: The Last Knight, which he once again claims will be his last, and the typical marketing blitz for the fifth installment in the franchise has been ramping up.

There may still be a few months before the movie hits theaters, but promotional clips have started to become a bigger piece of their campaign in recent weeks. The distributor just released a special clip at the KCA's that introduces Isabela Moner as Izabella, and she is once again the focus of a new TV spot.

Comicbook has posted the new extended TV spot that focuses on the young lead, and also highlights the new Baby Dinobots and a hungry Grimlock. Check it out above.

It appears Izabella has a unique connection with the Autobots; not only is she seen waking up with the tiny Dinobots all around her and watching one of the new Transformers sacrifice itself for her, but she also has a close relationship with her buddy Sqweeks. Within the spot is also hints at the beginning of her relationship with Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg).

It is rather interesting that the last two pieces of marketing have been so heavily focused on establishing Izabella in this world. Her connection with the Autobots is something unlike anything previously explored in the franchise, with them serving as protectors for her and fellow children on the run. How this factors into the larger story remains to be seen, but there appears to be something special about her.

As for the Dinobots (both the baby and regular sized ones), they have not been focused quite as prominently as they were in the marketing for Transformers: Age of Extinction. One of the biggest complaints coming out of the fourth film was how little the dinosaurs were actually featured in the movie after dominating the trailers, so their lack of prominence in this trailer could indicate that they will have a similar sized role in part five and Paramount is trying their best not to overhype their presence. There are surely many who hope that is not the case and the Dinobots will have a large role, thinking that the studio is simply holding back the best footage.

Hopefully that will turn out to be true, but for now these quick glimpses will have to be enough to tide fans over until the next look.

Source: ComicBook

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