What Went Wrong in the Transformers 5 Pitch Meeting

Screen Rant takes a peek at what goes on behind-the-scenes of a blockbuster movie written by people who have forgotten what it's like to have a soul (and/or a five-year-old child). This episode of Pitch Meeting explores the sad origins of Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight.

The video pokes fun at the seemingly endless franchise, falsely proclaiming The Last Knight to be the last in the series before laughingly pulling the rug out from under us. Transformers movie will probably be around forever, with or without the actors who originally helped make the franchise a hit.

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Fortunately, it doesn't really matter how many big-name stars have begun to turn away from the Transformers series; as our video explains, Hollywood can simply blackmail other well-respected actors into starring in the films instead. At least, that's how Pitch Meeting assumes Transformers: The Last Knight was able to get its hands on the usually dignified Sir Anthony Hopkins.

If disgraced actors aren't enough to keep the franchise going, The Last Knight added a child actor... because those are cute? Our video points out the complete and total lack of plot surrounding Isabela despite some aspects of the script having been clearly written by somebody's five-year-old nephew. You know, like the entire earth is a Transformer (somehow) and the army guys are basically on loan from Star Wars. Maybe this explains the film inexplicably rewriting its own canon to insert the Transformers into history's most important moments in giant, metal Forrest Gump-style. In this hypothetical meeting, the point is raised that maybe the series' canon should be paid its due respect before quickly deciding to throw it all right out the window.

Of course, even a bomb of a Transformers movie still has something to fall back on - those iconic Transformers themselves, right? Wrong, at least if your favorite is Optimus Prime. Our video dives into the messy plot surrounding the fearless leader in which Optimus is turned evil... and then he isn't seen for the majority of The Last Knight. The same amount of minimal thought was apparently applied to the act of turning Optimus good again. As Pitch Meeting notes, the brainwashed robot is pulled back from the Dark Side through the power of friendship.

Love it or hate it, Transformers: The Dark Knight still turned a profit at the box office. Things may be looking rocky for the proposed Transformers Movie Universe, but we haven't seen the last of these Robots in Disguise, for that very reason.

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