With years of history to base their ideas on, the Transformers franchise has done an okay job at bringing the source material to life. They have not been shy at including some of the more notable characters, as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron have been featured in every movie so far, and this will once again be the case in Transformers: The Last Knight. However, in the previous four movies, director Michael Bay has also made a note to keep other side Autobots around while introducing new ones, at the same time.

In Age of Extinction, Hound (voiced by John Goodman) made his debut and will be one of the rare side character’s to make multiple appearances in live-action form, but The Last Knight will also feature a handful of new Transformers. Characters like Hot Rod have previously been confirmed to appear and The Last Knight‘s marketing has not been shy about showing Sqweeks. Now, yet another new robot has been revealed, in the form of Anthony Hopkins’ helper in the film.

Michael Bay has released eight new character motion-posters for The Last Knight, with the focus being on the newest addition, Cogman. He is described as a “centuries-old man servant who happens to have anger issues, among other things.” He will be serving none other than Hopkins’ Sir Edmund Burton, who figures to play a prominent role in The Last Knight. The posters for Bumblebee, Sqweeks, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Barricade, Hot Rod, Hound and Cogman can be seen below.

Those who have been closely following the production process for The Last Knight may remember a previous report stating Cogman would be present. With this report now confirmed, it should also make his appearance as an Aston Martin more believable as well. There is currently no actor officially attached to the role, but with the character said to have an English accent, any future casting reveals could indicate who will lend their voice to the Transformer.

With the release of the film not to far away, the possibility of seeing Cogman beforehand may be left to either a final trailer or subsequent TV spots for The Last Knight. It should be interesting to see how he factors into the larger story and to find out how long he has been living on Earth, working with Burton. If he too has ties to King Arthur and the Excalibur, Cogman could wind up playing a larger role in the film than is typical for new Transformers additions.

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Source: Michael Bay [via EW]

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