Transformers: The Last Knight VR Experience Heads to Select Theaters

Director Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures have announced a partnership with Lucasfilm ILMxLab to create a virtual reality experience for the recent release of Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth film in the Transformers franchise.

Virtual reality has risen as a unique means of marketing in the film and television industry, with the technology serving as an experience unlike any other. Just earlier this summer, Universal Pictures used a VR experience to promote the release of their new horror-action blockbuster The MummyThis kind of immersive tech pairs up well with a film series as visually and audibly accomplished as the Transformers franchise, and audiences will be able to go deeper into the universe of the robots in disguise thanks to this new VR experience.

Courtesy of Varietythe Transformers: The Last Knight VR experience will be shown for a limited time at select IMAX VR centers and AMC theaters in New York and California. The showcase puts viewers in the middle of a fast-paced, five-minute shooting game where they are tasked with helping the heroic Autobots fend off the dangerous Decepticons in a mission to save the planet. The experience utilizes HTC's Vive VR headset, which is one of the prime VR accessories on the market.

In a statement, Bay expressed his excitement with the release of this unique visual experience, promoting what will supposedly be his final film in the Transformers franchise:

“I wanted to do something special for fans, to let them feel what it’s like to be in the middle of intense Transformers action. ILMxLAB was a great partner in delivering this experience, and pushing the envelope of what VR can do.”

The experience will be free for a limited time to the public in the cities of New York and California this Friday. There are currently two IMAX VR-specific locations in the United States, one in New York and one in California. Besides The Mummy, they have hosted VR tie-ins for movies like Star WarsJohn Wick, The Walkand Paranormal ActivityThe AMC theaters hosting the experience are the AMC 34th Street and the AMC Lincoln 13 in New York City, along with the AMC Orange 30 in Southern California.

To check out the Transformers: the Last Knight VR experience free, visit or The normal version of the film is available in theaters everywhere now.

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Source: Variety

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