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In just a few months, the fifth Transformers movie will roar into theaters when The Last Knight debuts. Despite rumors to the contrary, director Michael Bay will once again be helming the robot epic, and bringing back a number of familiar faces. We know the villainous Megatron will be back to cause trouble for the Autobots. Age of Extinction's Dinobots will also be returning — now in adorable baby form. Meanwhile, the writer's room for the franchise is hard at work on various Transformers spinoffs, including one focusing on Bumblebee set for release next year.

Of course, Bumblebee can't celebrate his newfound success yet. After all, the movie will pit an evil version of Optimus Prime against the friendly character. We'll have to wait for the film to find out how the full event unfolds, but it's definitely one of the biggest questions surrounding the movie. Meanwhile, attention has turned to the next full trailer for the film. While we got our first one late last year, we've only seen a few TV spots and the Super Bowl trailer since then. We were told, however, that a new look at the film was coming soon, and it's finally arrived.

Isabela Moner, who will play the similarly named new character Izabella, took to her Facebook page to announce the release of the new trailer. You can watch it up top and get a better idea of a number of the scenes that have been teased so far. It also offers looks at a number of new human and robotic characters, some more shots of the various Dinobots, plus more of Bumblebee and Optimus' fight. The whole thing also has a strong focus on Izabella as well. It's unknown whether her narration to the camera will be something in the film, but it's more likely for the purpose of marketing towards a new generation of fans, especially young girls.

Isabela Moner as Izabella in Transformers 5

Aside from a lot more action and a solid introduction to the heroic and gutsy Izabella, the new trailer also teases us further with a number of things we broke down from the first trailer. Namely, those mysterious Cybertronian relics that are laying around. Many think they may be connected to the ominous moving planet from the first trailer that is assumed to be Unicron. The new trailer also sets up the return of Barricade and shows more of Sqweeks, the hodgepodge robot built by Izabella. We also find out the name of the robot that looks similar to Bumblebee and appears to be getting crushed. Izabella calls it Canopy, but it's unknown if it's another creation of hers or a new Autobot.

Meanwhile, we've been getting mixed signals about the new film from the producers. On the one hand, it's said to be an entry point to the franchise for new viewers. At the same time, it apparently has the most dense mythology of any Transformers film to date. That certainly doesn't sound like the type of film you'd want to start with. While we didn't see it in this new trailer, the first one showed that the Autobots and Decepticons would be traveling through space and time during the course of the movie. Given that, we have a feeling this movie will reward longtime fans, but likely leave newcomers scratching their heads. Still, as long as it maintains the action and spectacle of the previous films, it should provide moviegoers of all stripes with plenty of entertainment. Stay tuned for more news from Transformers: The Last Knight as it emerges.

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Key Release Dates
  • Transformers 5/Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) release date: Jun 21, 2017
  • Bumblebee (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
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