Transformers: The Last Knight International Trailer: Wartime Bumblebee & Megatron

Another trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight has been released, featuring new footage from several big action sequences.

Wartime Bumblebee in Transformers The Last Knight

A new and presumably final Transformers: The Last Knight trailer has been released online, offering up some intriguing new details. The latest film in the robots-in-disguise explosion-fest franchise promises in many ways more of what audiences have come to expect, but with Michael Bay stating that this is his final go-around as director (for real this time) and the film stealthily igniting a Transformers shared universe there's been some intrigue about what might be done differently.

The advertising for the film has been running for a long time now - the first posters went up in Times Square back in July 2016 - with a veritable truckload of trailers since; counting international teases there's been a total of five full-length trailers so far, with the second-to-last even called the "Final Trailer". However, just like Bay's repeated returns to the franchise, they couldn't resist one more sneak peek.

The latest, international trailer for The Last Knight has been released by Paramount. It comes in at just ninety seconds, shorter than the previous ones, but boasts a fair bit of new footage. At this point we've seen most of the key action beats, but here they're focused on in a little more revealing detail. You can check out the full trailer above.

Mark Wahlberg In Transformers

Through all the trailers, there's been little elaboration on the plot beyond it delving into the "secret history of Transformers", which we know centers on King Arthur. This trailer doesn't change that, but still offers up some new things; we get a little more of a gray, wartime Bumblebee taking on Nazis, a show of butler robot Cogman's strength, Optimus being pacified by his creator before later fighting Bumblebee and a tease of the relationship between Mark Wahlberg's Cade and Isabela Moner's Izabella. Most interestingly, there's also a brief shot of Megatron, who is once again a jet, transforming in the desert. The iconic villain has been mostly absent from the pre-release hype, so the exact size of his role is a mystery, but it's good all the same to see him back in his classic form.

Some may decry another trailer so close to release. Indeed, the marketing for Transformers 5 has certainly been blanket. But Paramount know they've got an audience - together the previous four movies have made $3.7 billion worldwide and undoubtedly much more in merchandising - and want to make sure they get it sold to the fans as the event it undoubtedly will be.

There's more resting on Transformers than pleasing the converted and setting up Bumblebee though. 2017 has thus far been a lackluster year at the box office, so hopes are that such a massive tentpole will turn the tide. That said, the previous films have been a case of diminishing returns domestically, with increasingly more of their gross coming from worldwide territories (hence more international targeted trailers after the final US one), so how big an injection it will give is unclear.

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Source: Paramount Pictures

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