Transformers: The Last Knight: Who Is Sqweeks?

There is an inherent thrill built directly into the core of the Transformers franchise. The notion of robots hiding in plain sight (in the world we live in), is a scenario that has captured the imagination of kids and adults since the 1980s and the primary reason the property is as big today as it ever was.

Next year Michael Bay's Transformers series will hit theaters yet again for its fifth installment of the blockbuster series with Transformers: The Last Knight. The movie has been shooting for months and curiosity over the plot has never been higher, with inquisitive audiences trying to put together the puzzle pieces of the next chapter ahead of its release.

Fortunately, Screen Rant was able to visit the set of The Last Knight, while they were shooting in Michigan this past summer, and nabbed the inside scoop on the next release and potentially the star of the summer of 2017, Autobot Sqweeks.

Man's Best Friend

During the development of the first Transformers film, executive producer Steven Spielberg zeroed in on how to personalize the large scale story about an intergalactic war between sentient robots. He boiled the story down to its simplest form. Transformers would be about a boy and his first car - a first car that happened to be a robotic alien warrior. It's a trope that has been used in almost all Transformers' mediums - whenever humans are included in the intergalactic war. Whether its Sam Witwicky bonding with his Camaro in the 2007 movie, Spike's friendship with Bumblebee in the original 80's cartoon, or Daniel's adventures with Hot Rod in Transformers: The Movie, the very human experience of bonding with your vehicle has been an effective entry point for over thirty years.

By this time next year, Transformers' fans will be well-acquainted with a new duo for the next generation, Izabella and Sqweeks.

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Transformers: The Last Knight: Who Is Sqweeks?