Transformers 5 International Poster: Autobot Legends Have Secrets

Transformers: The Last Knight poster (cropped) - Optimus Prime

The latest international poster for Transformers: The Last Knight continues to hint at the film's medieval mythology. Touted as being the last film in the franchise to be directed by Michael Bay too, it's safe to say that the divisive filmmaker is going all out with his latest venture into the world of Autobots and Decepticons. With the introduction of some medieval flashbacks, featuring none other than both King Arthur and Merlin, The Last Knight will turn the tables on the conflicts of its predecessors, as Optimus Prime goes to war with humanity, and even, his fellow Autobots.

As a result of this ambitious bit of world-building, The Last Knight has garnered some unexpected optimism from even some of the more jaded Transformers fans. With the franchise about to begin delving into movie spin-offs, and The Last Knight itself being the first project to come out of Paramount's highly-publicized Transformers writers room, it's looking more and more like the property itself may begin going in some new exciting directions from here on out.

Following the announcement of the final Last Knight trailer's release tomorrow as well, Paramount Pictures has officially released a brand new international poster for Transformers: The Last Knight online. While not offering much in terms of story details or new visuals, the poster itself is still intriguing just because of what it teases. With a large shield covering the whole image - which appears to be depicting the central conflict of the film itself - the tagline reads "Each Legend Hides A Secret," further teasing that not everything may be as it appears in The Last Knight. Check out the poster for yourself down below:

New Transformers 5 International Poster

When the first plot details from The Last Knight began circulating online, they were almost too hard to believe at first. But ever since then, and specifically over the past few months, more and more of the film's story and plot have come to light, including how the relationship between the Autobots and humanity has evolved over time, and how King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable factor into all of it.

But without a doubt, the hook of The Last Knight's marketing so far has been Optimus Prime's turn to evil in the film, with both the trailers and posters teasing an epic climactic battle between Optimus and Bumblebee at some point throughout. While it shares similar plot elements and mechanisms as some of the previous Transformers films, The Last Knight appears to offer enough new material and world-building for fans to, at the very least, be intrigued by what Paramount has planned for it. It all will come down to the execution of the material itself, of course, and if this is indeed Bay's last time directing one of these films, then the ambitious nature of The Last Knight guarantees he'll either go out on a very high or very low note.

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Source: Paramount Pictures [via IMP Awards]

Key Release Dates
  • Transformers 5/Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) release date: Jun 21, 2017
  • Bumblebee (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
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