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The four live-action Transformers films released to date have made billions of dollars worldwide and become career-defining works for director Michael Bay. The director plans to finish his run on the film series with the fifth installment, Transformer: The Last Knight - the story for which fans are eager to learn more about.

While the first three Transformers movie centered on Shia LeBeouf as the human character Sam Witwicky, the fourth installment introduced a new hero in Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager, to go with the Transformers series new status-quo. Transformers: The Last Knight aims to shake things up further by adding a new female lead (alongside Wahlberg, who is returning) in Nickelodeon star Isabella Moner as "Izabella."

It seems reasonable to assume that Izabella will put a fresh twist on LeBeouf/Witwicky-archetype from the original Transformers trilogy i.e. a teenage hero allied with a "cute" Autobot partner - in this case, a broken-down Transformer named "Sqweeks" whose alt-mode is a Vespa scooter. On the set of Transformers: The Last Knight, Moner offered the following details about her character in the film:

My character Izabella - a coincidence, we have the same name spelled a little differently - she’s a tomboy, she’s spunky, she’s homeless and she joins [Cade] and the team in defeating the Deceptions. She also has her own little sidekick named Sqweeks, who is a mini-Transformer Vespa, super cute. He says “Chihuahua”, that’s like the only thing he says. She’s a little bit Latina, so that’s good. You’ll find me speaking Spanish a little bit throughout the movie. I love that because I’m throwing it back to my heritage. So yeah, shoutout to my people.

Transformers 5 - Isabela Moner and Sqweeks
Michael Bay, 'Sqweeks' and Isabella Moner on the set of The Last Knight

When asked if Isabelle is aware of what happened in the first four Transformers movies, Moner revealed a connection between the character, Sqweeks and the "Battle of Chicago" from Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

She was actually involved in the battle of Chicago, her family. From that stems dark memories and the reason why she’s been living there and then joins [Cade].

Moner also confirmed that Izabella has befriended the Sqweeks character before she and Cade meet in The Last Knight:

Yeah, he’s like my lifelong friend ever since the battle of Chicago. He got a little bit messed up so he can’t transform fully. So he’s getting there; I’m trying to fix him. My character is also a welder. She fixes things. She’s known for fixing things. And she knows a lot about Transformers because she’s lived with them after she lost her family in the battle of Chicago.

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  • Transformers 5/Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) release date: Jun 21, 2017
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