Transformers: The Last Knight Clip - Don’t Forget Cade Is An Inventor

Transformers: the Last Knight star Mark Wahlberg debuted a new clip from the summer blockbuster sequel, giving fans a look at one of the film's comedic beats. In it, his character Cade Yeager attempts to compare résumés with one of his new allies, reminding audiences once again that he's an inventor who has made things you'll hear of eventually.

The series was looking for a new leading man when it was decided that Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky and a majority of the original cast would not return for Transformers: Age of Extinction. Bay had worked with Wahlberg on 2013's Pain & Gain and cast him as the new human lead of the series. With Wahlberg's action movie physique and movie star persona, it may be easy to forget that the character is actually a brainy type, a self-proclaimed inventor who found Optimus Prime in an abandoned theater and brought him back to life.

Wahlberg, making a stop at The Tonight Show during the press tour for the Last Knight, brought along a clip from the film. In the scene, Cade defends his inventor roots to Sir Edmund Burton (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock). The two are not impressed by his supposed credentials, and after Cade mocks their British accents, Transformer/butler Cogman loses his cool and attacks him.

As was seen in Age of Extinction, the Cade Yaeger character allows Wahlberg to give into some of his best and worst tendencies as an actor, and they're both on display in this scene. It's an amusing enough scene in this context, and Wahlberg has shown in comedies like The Other Guys and Daddy's Home that he has some spectacular comedic timing. However, if the direction and scripting is thin, it can let Wahlberg and the other actors down. For example, Cade is supposed to be from Texas, but Wahlberg's Boston accent can't help from busting out when he gets over agitated at the two British scholars.

For those looking at the trailers for the Last Knight and wondering if the fifth entry in the franchise would ditch some of the lamented comedy of the previous entries in favor of a darker tone, this scene might come as a disappointment for them. Bay's particular low-brow style of comedy doesn't really escape any of his work, with the possible exception of his last film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of BenghaziFor those also hoping that the film would be mostly spent with the Transformers, those hopes can be put to rest as well, as the human characters have been a prevalent part of the marketing.

Besides Wahlberg, Hopkins and Wembley, Transformers: the Last Knight features the return of franchise veterans Stanley Tucci, Josh Duhamel and John Tuturro. They star alongside newcomers Isabela Moner, Santiago Cabrera and Jerrod Carmichael.

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