Transformers 5 360 Experience: Explosions From Every Angle

Director Michael Bay and his production team gives fans a 360 degree look at the action scenes in Transformers: The Last Knight.

A new behind-the-scenes video from next week's release Transformers: The Last Knight has been unveiled, giving us a 360-degree look at some of the major action sequences in the film.

Director Michael Bay has made a career out of his love for crazy stunts, special effects, and massive explosions. Given the precedent set by the previous films in the Transformers franchise, the pyrotechnics on any Transformers movie set seem to be constant - especially with Bay aspiring to make the biggest and loudest movie possible with his swan song to the Transformers franchise, with The Last Knight. For movie fans who have always wished to know what that experience is like during filming, you now have your wish.

On the official Transformers: The Last Knight YouTube page, Transformers fans are treated to a comprehensive look at the chaos that goes into filming three of the major action sequences in the film. Using YouTube's 360 degree technology, fans can rotate the perspective of what appears to be a GoPro camera mounted aboard the main IMAX camera rig. This kind of technology allows the viewer to see all sorts of different angles and behind-the-scenes aspects that go into capturing these big movie moments.  (Note: this video is only supported on certain browsers on YouTube.)  

The first scene in the video takes place during a major battle in one of the medieval times set pieces, as we know The Last Knight will be flashing back to the times of King Arthur to tell part of its story. Explosions, swordplay, and stuntmen on fire are captured throughout the frame, while slightly off-center the production team watches intently. There are even firefighters on standby to immediately douse the stuntmen with extinguishers. It's a massive battle sequence that may only last a few minutes in the film, but certainly took weeks to coordinate.

The second scene in the film features a modern-day car chase involving Bumblebee, Anthony Hopkins' character and a red McLaren sports car. Bay gives direction to Hopkins about specifics on the scene, and then the cars are off and running. Stunt drivers zoom down England streets with precision and skill as on-lookers watch in a roped-off area.

The final scene in the video flashes back in time again, taking place during one of the World War II set pieces, as Allied soldiers storm a Nazi stronghold. We've seen bits and pieces of this sequence in The Last Knight's trailers and posters, as we know Transformers will be involved in some capacity during the action. This video shows what it takes to incorporate the Transformers into the live-action production, as the heavy lighting and position of the camera leaves room for the special effects team to fill in the robots in disguise.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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