‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Trailer Analysis [Updated]

Transformers 4 Trailer Analysis Age of Extinction

After months of waiting, we finally have our first official look at Michael Bay's next robots in disguise chapter Transformers: Age of Extinction - in the form of a Super Bowl teaser trailer. Like most Transformers teasers, Paramount Pictures held back finer details of the story in favor of showing off CGI Autobot vs. Decepticon action. Exciting style over tangible substance at nearly every turn, the "Big Game Spot" ultimately raised more questions than answers - with little context for several new characters that were featured prominently in the footage.

As a result, we've dug through decades of Transformers lore as well as recent movie rumors to clear-up some confusion as well as predict story points that could be explored when Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

Since we're taking a closer look at what's been shown, alluded to, foreshadowed, or hinted at in the trailer, potential spoilers for all readers from here on out (if our analysis is correct). You have been warned.

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