'Transformers 4' Viral Posters & Mark Wahlberg Interview

Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Interview

Transformers: Age of Extinction is the next big mega-blockbuster slated for summer 2014, and Paramount's marketing campaign for Michael Bay's fourth installment in the Transformers franchise is gearing up slow but surely, in response to the approaching release date.

Today we have two pieces of promotional material that really converge on a central theme of the new film: namely, how the world has been transformed (pun) by the events of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, to the point that both Autobots and Decepticons are now considered enemies of humanity.

First, take a look at some new Transformers 4 viral posters, which follow in the vein of previous viral marketing materials by demonstrating humanity's disdain for the Transformers. The viral campaign creates a nice parallel between the fictional world of the film, and the realities of a post-9/11 world, in which citizen vigilance is a proposed deterrent to terrorism.

Transformers 4 Viral Posters Optimus Prime

Transformers 4 Viral Posters Bumblebee

Poor Optimus and Bumblebee... three movies listening to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) scream at them - three films of saving humanity's collective butts - and what do they get? Their handsome robot faces plastered on posters like wanted criminals. No bueno. If you want to see more of the Earth's faux campaign against the Cybertronian "invaders," then head over to the Transformers Are Dangerous viral site - or check out the recently-released viral video, below.

Previous Transformers 4 trailers have demonstrated that human characters like Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) and would-be Transformer designer, Joshua (Stanley Tucci), definitely have it out for the Autobots; however, that mistrust won't be a shield against newer, more dangerous Decepticon foes like Lockdown and Galvatron. In fact, when the bad guys DO show up to start tearing up the globe, Optimus Prime and his soldiers are going to be hard-pressed to lend mankind a helping hand.

Transformers 4 star Mark Wahlberg sat down with IGN to talk briefly about the changed world we find ourselves in at the beginning of Age of Extinction, and why the human/robot relations in the film are more important than ever. Watch that conversation, below:

Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on  June 27, 2014.

Sources: IGN & Transformers Are Dangerous

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