New 'Transformers 4' Clip, Featurette & TV Spots: The Total Preview


As Transformers: Age of Extinction enters the final seven-day stretch to its theatrical premiere, so do we all enter Paramount's final marketing blitz to promote it. We gathered up the latest salvo of marketing media to share with you in one place, and they include the following:

  1. A new Transformers 4 clip featuring Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager addressing his daughter Tessa's (Nicola Peltz) dress code - which has admittedly been a talking point amongst fans.
  2. A new Transformers 4 featurette, highlighting the film's official theme song, "Battle Cry", by Imagine Dragons.
  3. A trio of new Transformers 4 TV Spots, offering brief glimpses of more robot-on-robot-on-dinobot action.

Transformers 4 Not a Kids Movie

As you see in the clip above, rational-minded fans aren't the only ones wondering why a teenage girl would walk around her rural home in Daisy Duke shorts and heels that make her walk like a baby deer; her father has some concerns about it, too. As seen here, Wahlberg seems to be bringing some energy to his role; however, Peltz (Bates Motel) and Miller (Silicon Valley) come off a bit more lackluster in their efforts. But hey, it's only a clip - the full film could showcase much better performances.


Theme Song: "Battle Cry"

If you've been watching Transformers 4 trailers and TV spots, and have that song that plays over them stuck in your head, then this Imagine Dragons featurette is not going to help you:

Linkin Park famously held down the first Transformers trilogy, with theme songs like "What I've Done" in Transformers, "New Divide" in Transformers 2 and "Iridescent" for Transformers 3. However, Transformers: Age of Extinction is the start of a brand-new trilogy of story, with many new human and robot characters. That new start requires a new sound, and Imagine Dragons is certainly a pop-culture band for these days and  times. Check out the full version of "Battle Cry":



Finally, here are the new TV spots for Age of Extinction; however, the marketing for this movie has admittedly been surprisingly reserved - so if you want to remain fresh for this last week until release, stop watching now:


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Transformers: Age of Extinctionwill be in theaters on June 27, 2014.

Source: Paramount

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