'Transformers 4' Title is 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'; Teaser Poster Revealed

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Teaser Poster (Header)

Over the Labor Day weekend we got word that Transformers 4 was zeroing in on a new subtitle. Out of the handful of possibilities that were being thrown around we figured  one in particular to be most likely - not only because it was the least terrible out of the bunch, but because that particular title also fell in line with many of the alleged TF4 plot details that have been leaked online.

And now, with confirmation that the film WILL indeed be titled Transformers: Age of Extinction, we can begin to lend further credence to what was once just rumor. Oh, and we have a a new Transformers: Age of Extinction teaser poster to share, as well.

First, check out the teaser poster:


Do we see a Dinobots teaser, perhaps?


Now, as far back as a day ago, we pointed out that "Age of Extinction" was an appropriate title for two reasons:

  1. "Age of Extinction" could refer to a history involving the rumored Dinobots (who would be resurrected from long dormancy or death).
  2. The subtitle could also refer to the rumored deaths/transformations that certain characters (like Megatron) could go through - a "changing of the guard" for the franchise.

Along with early speculation about the TF4 subtitle, we got word from producer Lorenza di Bonaventura that seemed to all but confirm those longstanding Dinobot rumors: "I can not disclose the specifics, but you can be sure that the joining of the Dinobots will give the audience new excitement."

Transformers 4 - Dinobots

However, the Dinobots rumors originally came as a package deal, spawned from a leaked plot synopsis that contained mention of the Dinobots (pretty much confirmed), new human characters (confirmed), new Autobots including a reformed Decepticon warrior (confirmed) - and most tantalizing of all, the revelation that certain iconic characters from the 1986 Transformers: The Movie feature film could appear in this next live-action installment.


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