'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Grimlock & Bumblebee Designs; Human Story Details

New 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' details include images of Grimlock and the new Bumblebee - as well as details about the film's human story.

A kind reader asked that we update you on Transformers: Age of Extinction (a.k.a. Transformers 4), so we're here to do just that. In truth, the whole world is about to get an "update" on the next installment in Michael Bay's blockbuster franchise, as the first Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer will debut during the 2014 Super Bowl. But since our readers are sharp enough to be in the know before that, here's the latest we have on the film.




This backpack tie-in merchandising (courtesy of  Smyths Toys)  gives us a look at the character design for none other than Grimlock, fan-favorite character and leader of the Dinobots. The Dinobots have been been unofficially confirmed for the film for some time - and no doubt Bay and Co. were waiting for a nice trailer reveal to make ol' Grimlock known - but as always, the Interwebs spin faster...

Right now, between this and the recently-revealed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles re-designs it seems that Michael Bay has architected successful new adaptations of some pretty outlandish characters  (mutant turtles and robot dinosaurs). In short: That robot Dinosaur looks pretty badass from head to torso. I'm especially digging how the color scheme compliments Optimus. If his robot mode is as promising, then Bay's Grimlock could deliver everything fans have been hoping for.

Here's hoping it doesn't fall apart when he opens his mouth...



Carrera Toys has given us a look at the (slightly) re-designed Bumblebee, who seems to be sporting a strange robo-loincloth thingy now... Will it ever stop with these movies?

Transformers Character Guide - Bumblebee
Old Bumblebee

Aside from that, liking the darker gray tones that Bumblebee is sporting, and overall the whole thing has a more anime-themed edge to it. I dig it - how about you?


NEXT PAGE: The Human Story (Mild Spoilers)


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