Transformers 3 Toys Reveal Sentinel Prime, Wreckers & A New Autobot

Hasbro released the first official pictures for toys from the upcoming 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' and in them we see Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime in 'battle-flight' mode, two of the Wreckers and a brand new Autobot.

Sentinel Prime, The Wreckers and Skyhammer revealed at Toy Fair 2011

The 2011 Toy Fair is in full swing this week in New York City and the top toy manufacturers in the world are on hand to show off their upcoming line of playthings. Toys can tell fans a lot about an upcoming movie – such as Iron Man’s Mark VI armor or Cobra Commander’s new face in G.I. Joe – and that trend continues with Hasbro’s new line of toys for this summer’s sure-fire blockbuster Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Last fall a security guard told the world that a beefy-looking fire truck was the Cybertonian leader Sentinel Prime – a fact that was recently confirmed by director Michael Bay. There were plenty of pictures and video of the fire truck sitting around downtown Chicago during filming this past summer but there haven’t been any pictures of Sentinel Prime in robot mode – until now. Below we have some pictures that give us our first look at Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime in “battle-flight” mode and a new Autobot called Skyhammer.


Sentinel Prime

At the end of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer, the camera closes in on the face of an ancient alien robot – that robot is indeed Optimus Prime’s predecessor Sentinel Prime. Sentinel Prime has been entombed in the Autobot transport ship known as the Ark for hundreds of years until humans awaken him during an exploratory mission to the moon. When not in robot mode, Sentinel Prime will take the form of a Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 and below you can see the first images of him in robot and vehicle mode (albeit as a toy). Rumor has it the Ark will eventually transform into Omega Supreme and while the toy below doesn’t confirm that, it’s still a pretty cool toy to look at.

Sentinel Prime Autobot Transformer toy in robot mode
Sentinel Prime Autobot Transformer toy in all modes
The Ark Autobot ship in vehicle mode


Optimus Prime

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus combined (momentarily) with Jetfire to form a suped-up, bad-ass version of himself – with which he used to destroy The Fallen and rip most of Megatron’s face off. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, fans will get a chance to see Optimus Prime’s tractor trailer for the first time and it appears he will use it for more than just hauling.  The toy below verifies what we saw in the Transformers 3 Super Bowl ad – the trailer will transform to give him more power and the ability to fly. Check out the pictures below to get a see Optimus Prime in “battle-flight” mode.

Optimus Prime in vehicle mode with tractor-trailer attached
Optimus Prime toy in "battle-flight" mode


The Wreckers – Topspin & Roadbuster

Last month it was revealed that actor Bill Fagerbakke had been cast as the voice of the new blue NASCAR themed Autobot, who is part of the Wreckers team. The name of the new Autobot was still in the wind but because of Fagerbakke’s involvement with the animated Transformers series we were able to speculate on the names Bulkhead or Hotshot. The name of the blue wrecker has now been revealed as Topspin and you can see him and the green NASCAR wrecker - known as Roadbuster - below in both robot and vehicle mode.

Topspin Wrecker Autobot Transformer toy in robot mode
Topspin Wrecker Autobot Transformer toy in vehicle mode
Roadbuster Wrecker Autobot Transformer toy in robot mode
Roadbuster Wrecker Autobot Transformer toy in vehicle mode



With the death of Jetfire in Revenge of the Fallen, the Autobots need a new ally who can battle the Decepticons in the air – that new ally is a little known robot named Skyhammer. Skyhammer had two modes in the animated series – a jet and a hover craft. With all the robot modifications being done by Michael Bay - such as having Megatron depicted as an Arctic-themed semi-truck – some fans may think he would show Skyhammer as something completely unrelated to the cartoon, like a soda machine or a newspaper stand. To his credit, Bay has left Skyhammer looking like a cool jet-copter. Check him out below:

Skyhammer Autobot Transformer toy in all modes


With the Toy Fair running for several more days, expect to see more new robots revealed from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Hopefully we’ll soon find out what giant robot is destroying Chicago with octopus-like tentacles and whether the flying robot alien is Laserbeak from the Super Bowl ad.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon blasts into theaters in 3D and IMAX 3D July 1st, 2011.

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Source: Inside Pulse

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