'Transformers 3' Set Photos & Possible Title

New images have emerged from the 'Transformers 3' production at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and will the film be titled 'Transformers: The Dark of the Moon'?

Michael Bay and his Transformers crew are done destroying Chicago for the time being and have moved on to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as the next shooting location for the Transformers 3 production.

Several new images of vehicles from the Florida set have emerged online, but the more interesting news is that we may now have an official title for Transformers 3 - and no, it is not Transformers: The Search For More Money (in 3D).

The third Transformers movie looks to up the ante and include even more extraterrestrial metallic giants than its predecessor, Revenge of the Fallen. Fan favorites Sideswipe, Sentinel Prime, and Ultra Magnus could be among the Autobots featured in this new film, which will still include the likes of Bumblebee and - of course - Optimus Prime from the first two Transformers movies.

You can check out some of the fancy race and sport cars designs that will appear in Transformers 3 in the photos below (for the full gallery, go to Super Hero Hype):

Transformers 3 Title Is....

The bigger news is that a series of Transformers novels for children are now available for pre-ordering on Amazon and it features the title Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. While there is no guarantee that this will be the full Transformers 3 title, the fact that these books are scheduled for release about a month and a half before that film is slated to hit theaters suggests it will be.

Here is the basic synopsis for Transformers 3, as given by Screen Rant's Rob Keyes:

The story of 'Transformers 3' also promises to bring an interesting plot centered around the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, hinting that there was some alien influence guiding what happened in one of the most notable aspects of the Cold War.

Between this description and what we heard about the Transformers 3 opening scene, The Dark of the Moon is a fitting subtitle for the film - though really, is Michael Bay not sure he wants to go with something like Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon instead?

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Franchise stars Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel have said that Transformers 3 is looking to be the best of the giant robot trilogy so far - yes, that's not saying much - and Michael Bay has assembled an impressive collection of supporting players for the film. It can't be worse than the first two, right? Right?

Transformers 3 hits 2D and 3D screens in the U.S on July 1st, 2011.

Source: Coming Soon and Amazon

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