'Transformers 3' Opening Scene Revealed?

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[UPDATE - Click here: for Transformers 3 spoilers (and to talk freely after you've seen the film).]

CHUD has posted a description of what is allegedly the opening scene of Transformers 3. Naturally this should be considered A POSSIBLE TRANSFORMERS 3 SPOILER, so from here on out you read at your own risk.

However, it's not that big of a spoiler to remind of the Transformers 3 story details we've already covered on the site, so we'll do a quick recap and then move on to the juicy new SPOILER.

Here's the Transformers 3 synopsis that our own Rob Keyes provided readers with a few weeks back:

The story of Transformers 3 also promises to bring an interesting plot centered around the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, hinting that there was some alien influence guiding what happened in one of the most notable aspects of the Cold War.

That description tied this third Transformers film to an idea that was presented in the very first teaser trailer for Transformers 1.  If you don't remember that clever little teaser, I've included it below to jog your memory:


Robot aliens messing around with humanity's space race? That's the kind of intriguing concept that reminds you that a brilliant filmmaker like Steven Spielberg is actually involved in this Michael Bay mess of a franchise - is Spielberg taking a more active role in Transformers 3, as some are already speculating?  (Side Note: isn't it crazy how different the final Transformers 1 movie turned out when compared to that awesome teaser? Talk about losing focus...)

So, now that we've set the stage we can move on to the SPOILER about the opening scene of Transformers 3. Without spoiling anything, I can tell you:

  • It's NOT Megan Fox dying.
  • It's NOT a major robot character dying.
  • Sam Witwicky's (Shia LaBeouf) parents are NOT revealed to be robots in disguise - which was my guess :-P.

Read on below for the description of how we will (allegedly) be introduced to Transformers 3:



There's a disturbance on the Moon. A robot shaped disturbance. Scientists on Earth see this and the information gets passed up the chain of command. In the White House men in black suits are breathlessly running through the halls, and they burst into the Oval Office. The president is behind the desk, back turned to the door, looking out the window. One of the men tells the president, 'Sir, something's happened on the Moon!' The president turns around.

It's John F. Kennedy.

For the rest of the opening scene SPOILERS you can head on over to CHUD.

A nice winking and fun way to open the movie, in my opinion. I won't speculate too much at the risk of spoiling things for those who want to remain in the dark (so why are you still reading this, I wonder?) - but I can say that the thought of a Transformers movie which has an intriguing story on top of the mindless (and often indistinguishable) robot action is a fragile hope I pray doesn't get shattered when the first trailers surface.

In the meantime, occupy yourselves with some other surprising hints of what Transformers 3 has in story for us by checking out our exclusive image gallery of the Chicago set.

Transformers 3 will infiltrate (3D and 2D) theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: CHUD

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