Is This a New Robot from Transformers 3? [Updated]

[Update: I was right: not from Transformers 3, likely from Real Steel. Stay Tuned.]

AICN was sent a reader-submitted photo that allegedly came from the Chicago set of Transformers 3, and allegedly displays one of the new robot characters that will be featured in the movie.

This photo has me feeling a bit skeptical at the moment, only because it looks nothing like the indistinguishable CGI tech-insectoid  Transformers that the movie franchise is now known for.

If anything, the robot model in this photo looks like something off the set of the upcoming robot boxing drama movie (yes, you read that correctly) Real Steel. If you haven't seen the first images of what the Real Steel robots look like, you need to go HERE and check that out.

Now that you have a good frame of reference, take a look at the image AICN received and see if you aren't as skeptical as I am:


AICN speculates that since early details of Transformers 3 point to the story involving the U.S./Russian space race, this thing could be a commie-bot...or something. Ok, well, while we're throwing out wild theories: maybe the Beast Wars Transformers are featured in the third film, or maybe Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is injured and has to have his brain implanted in a robot body! Who knows what crazy things can happen in a Michael Bay flick!

Sarcasm aside, as long as there are no dangling robot private parts, ebonics-speaking bufoons, leg-humping midget bots or hot chick robots with tentacles potruding from awkward regions of their bodies, I'll take just about anything as an improvement over Transformers 2. Hell, at least I'll be able to distinguish this guy in the photo from the other hordes of robot clones onscreen...

What do you think - actual Transformers 3 robot or something else entirely?

Transformers 3 will (suddenly) be in theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: AICN

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