Michael Bay Scouting Locations for Transformers 3

In a recent update on Michael Bay's official news page, the director reported on a recent visit to Haiti while also dropping a small update on the upcoming third installment of the Transformers franchise.

Speaking about Transformers 3:

"Busy scouting - Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C. for Transformers last week. Things are going well. The script is feeling very different from the other two."

The director also posted a series of pictures from his trip to Haiti as well and commented on the aftermath:

"One of the worst stories I heard from people down there - because of the huge lack of education in Haiti – when the earthquake struck – everyone ran inside buildings most likely to their graves."

It's going to be interesting to discover what's "different" about the new script. I genuinely enjoyed the first film but the follow-up was definitely a misfire. Hopefully by "different" Bay means "has a less convoluted plot" and "more characters worth caring about."

That said, it's hard to think of many films that have been shoved out the door as fast as Transformers 3 and still managed to be "very different" from their predecessors. Especially considering Revenge of the Fallen made $830 Million worldwide, despite being panned by critics. What incentive would the studio have for changing up a formula that is profitable?

Are you encouraged by the notion that the script for Transformers 3 is "feeling very different"? What changes would you like to see made?

Source: Michael Bay

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Michael Bay Scouting Locations for Transformers 3