Transformers 3 is Looking for Extras

DreamWorks has begun the casting process for Transformers 3, and the company has released a Los Angeles-based Craigslist ad calling for extras to join the production. I can bring a unique outlook to this story that few other film writers can: I've actually been an extra on many different television shows (Parks and Recreation, Glee, etc.) and feature films (the upcoming Due Date, etc.).

No experience is necessary to apply, and both union and non-union workers will be accepted. The production is paying extras 200 dollars per day, which is a ridiculously high rate for a background actor. Speaking from experience on the non-union side, extras (aka "background actors") generally get paid around 100-120 dollars for an eleven or twelve hour day on a TV show or film set. Perhaps the extra money is thrown in as incentive to tolerate potential abuse from Michael Bay, a notoriously difficult director known for firing employees at the drop of a hat.

I've never personally worked with Bay, but I've heard horror stories from other extras about how the working environment is extremely intense on his sets. That being said, word around Hollywood is that the director is tough but fiercely loyal to his workers if they prove themselves to him; apparently his directorial style is incredibly fast-paced, but if you can handle his constant yelling and thrive in that environment, he gains respect for you. And to be completely honest, background actors don't have the hardest jobs in the world - essentially, you get to hang out on a film set and are occasionally called upon to walk (or, in this case, probably run) in front of the camera.

Being an extra is generally a pretty cool experience. You get to learn a lot about how a film is created, and as film fans it provides a one-of-a-kind insight into how different directors operate and interact with actors and the crew. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are brave enough to join the fray, I'd recommend giving the casting people at DreamWorks a call at 1-877-464-9526. (Click the Craigslist ad at the bottom of the article for more information.)

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman opted against returning as writers for the third installment, leaving the duties to co-writer Ehren Kruger. Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, and Tyrese Gibson are all reprising their roles. We previously reported that filming will begin in May, which sounds about right since the Craigslist ad says the film is in a "pre-casting" stage. Here's hoping for a more coherent film than we saw in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Transformers 3 is set for a July 1st, 2011 release.

Source: Craigslist [via Collider]

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