Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Super Bowl trailer

Outside of the four blockbuster superhero movies sure to grab the attention of moviegoers around the world, another explosive action flick which could easily dominate the summer box office is Michael Bay's third - and apparently last - Transformers movie. We saw the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer already, as well as the early-released Chevy-Transformers Super Bowl commercial, but we've yet to see footage of Shia LaBeouf and his Cybertronian allies and enemies. Until now.

Megan Fox isn't around this time but that doesn't matter; the movie is about the robots. That and they found another super model with no acting experience to takeover the female lead role in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Hopefully, she takes advantage of the opportunity to showcase her potential and launch her acting career.

Fans of Screen Rant know that we are not fans of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In fact, we thought the movie was pretty terrible and several steps down from the rather enjoyable, albeit problematic, first Transformers. Michael Bay and co. blame the writers strike but they have no excuse this time. Can Michael Bay make up for the Transformers 2 mess with Dark of the Moon? Will Shia LaBeouf's promise that this movie will be "good" hold true?

Despite the franchise's history, the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer was very cool and some of the set photos depicted some neat new heavily armed vehicles added for this movie and so the film has earned a spot amongst our most anticipated movies of 2011.

Watch the trailer to see if they're on the right track:

Same problems as before? Too many characters? Or have they nailed it?

The trailer looks cool, Optimus is continuing to up his level on the bad-ass scale, and watching the short video sure gives you a sense of impending doom with the aesthetic. But with all of the additional enemies, will there be any characterization given to the Cybertronians (good and bad)?

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Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

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