Transformers 3 Characters: Meet The Dreads

Leaked photos of Hasbro's 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' toy line reveal the robot mode of new characters known as the Dreads. Are they presenting similar racial stereotype issues as the Twins?

The Dreads in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Many fans and moviegoers have a love-hate - maybe more of a like-hate relationship - with Michael Bay's live-action adaptation of Transformers. With its sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, it got a lot worse and many of the problems were due to the misuse of the film's Cybertronian characters.

I'm not referring to the issue of characters following canon, as they don't need to for a good Transformers movie to be made. It's because there were so many characters that never spoke, didn't have a name, and a pair (actually, twins) there were not only very controversial, but met the level of annoyance that only characters such as Jar Jar Binks could attain. From the amount of new toys being added with Transformers: Dark of the Moon, fear is rising that Transformers 3 may be offering more of the same in that department.

While the infamously stereotypical Twins were expected to return for Dark of The Moon, Michael Bay quickly shot down rumors that the vehicles were spotted on set, explaining that The Twins are not back for the third Transformers movie. We later were able to actually see them ourselves through some revealing set photos, so they will be back, likely (and hopefully) to be killed off. They will of course have a different paint job for toy merchandising purposes.

Perhaps stepping in to take the place of the Twins, assuming they do bite the bullet (laser?), there is another set of triplets! We already know about the three well-armed Nascar vehicles known as the Wreckers, and now we're getting another set. The second triple-threat to be introduced in Transformers: Dark of the Moon are called the "Dreads" and in keeping the tradition, these 3 similar vehicles will also seemingly follow a stereotype in their design. Some images of the Decepticon SUV drones were leaked a while ago, but here are some new images of their toys picked up on by TFormers (hat tip to MovieWeb) which show their robot modes, so see for yourself:

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And here's a video of them chasing the fastest of the Autobots:


Why are they called the "Dreads" and more questionably, why do they literally have dreadlocks? I fear this cannot be good and it makes me wonder what we can expect from the Nascar-bots... Shia, do something please; You Promised.

In all seriousness, there are a ton of new vehicles joining the roster of characters for Dark of the Moon so we'll keep you updated as we learn more about them. Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters July 1st, 2011 and will be available in 3D.

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Sources: Yahoo! Japan, DOTM Toys (via TFormers)

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