Who is This New Autobot on the Set of Transformers 3?

Rodimus Prime

Rodimus was the young, arrogant leader of the Autobots after he after accidentally got Optimus Prime killed during a fight with Megatron (see that epic battle HERE). Seeing Optimus and Rodimus in a film together wouldn’t  make much sense in Bay's Transformers continuity, since  Jetfire gave up his parts so that the Fallen could be defeated (in 45 seconds) by Optimus, who was the LAST surviving Prime. To introduce another Prime at this stage would make the story from Transformers 2 inconsequential (even more so than it already is).

That's not to say that Bay and writer Ehren Kruger wouldn't do it just for the sake of doing it. Heck, Bay renamed "Prowl" as "Barricade" and made him a Deception in the first film, then added a slew of unknown characters to the second film - so adding a new Prime to the story would not be shocking.

Couple all this with the fact that Rodimus' vehicle form is a ridiculous looking car carrier/RV thing and the likelihood of Rodimus showing up in the Transformers 3 seems pretty slim to me.


Sentinel Prime

Transformers 3 Sentinel Prime Toy

This would seem like a no-brainer - a security guard "in the know" is telling the world the name of the Autobot sitting in his parking lot. Yeah, that seems like a very reliable source for information. Let's ignore him for the moment and break down who Sentinel Prime is - he's dead! Basically, he died during the Civil War on Cybertron, supposedly at the hand of Megatron and he preceded Optimus Prime. Did you catch that? He came BEFORE Optimus.

Forget the fact that Sentinel's Earth form is a snow plow for a second - the very fact that he is dead years before the Autobots and Decepticons bring their war to Earth automatically reduces his chances of appearing in Transformers 3 to near zero. Of course, Bay gave us a Transformer heaven in the last film; so hey, what do I know?

Now that I've given you some pretty solid reasons why the unidentified vehicle can't be Rodimus Prime or Sentinel Prime, let’s discuss my three choices on who it is.


Ultra Magnus

Transformers 3 Ultra Magnus Toy

The first and most important reason I think this vehicle is Ultra Magnus - he was Optimus Prime's brother but he wasn't a Prime. Second, he has been portrayed as both a car transport in the '80s, similar to Optimus, and more recently a military transport with a big hammer for a weapon. It would make sense that after Optimus Prime sent a message to all surviving Autobots to head to Earth for refuge in Transformers 1, that his brother would eventually make his way to our planet; and let's not forget that he now transforms into a military transport vehicle as well.



Transformers 3 Inferno toy

Inferno is an easy sell because as Mike told us earlier, this mysterious set vehicle is designed to look like a fire truck of some sort and since Inferno was one of the only fire trucks on the Autobot team, it’s not a hard stretch of the imagination to think this is him. Since he was a large fire truck, it wouldn't be too hard to picture him as a large military transport vehicle. Inferno likes to save lives and extinguish fires (hence his name) and with the mighty robots fighting in the downtown district of Chicago, I think he'll have plenty to keep him busy.


No One

As bloggers and movie fans tend to do, we're probably just over-thinking the whole situation. We may be looking for something that isn't really there and this 6 wheeled massive fire truck may be just that  - a massive fire truck. It may not transform into anything and could be nothing more than a high-tech, well-armored fire truck designed to carry personnel deep into the fray while protecting them from all the destructive robot fighting. After all, it's not like a battle between huge metal robots wouldn't cause a couple of fires here and there.

After looking at the five options laid out before you, which Autobot do you think is being represented by the vehicle above or do you have a better suggestion?

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