Five TV Spots & The New Poster For Transformers 2

The sequel to 2007’s smash hit, Transformers, is only a few weeks away and that means we’ll start seeing the juiciest marketing yet for the movie. Expect to see a lot of cool new things in the next few weeks to entice you to the theaters come June 24th where they are tracking a massive five-day opening.

On that note, we have five new TV spots for Revenge of the Fallen that show off a bunch of new scenes and finally give some of the other characters from the first movie some decent screen time - Most notably, our favorite Army boys from the first film.

Josh Duhamel is again playing the heroic bad-ass leader whom we saw almost single-handedly take down a pretty big Decepticon in the first movie (Although I think that robot, Blackout, is back for the sequel so he didn't do that good of a job I suppose...).

Less talking, more watching – Here they are:






Of the group of videos, the first three don’t give us much new stuff compared to the latter two, but the very first one at least showcases Linkin Park’s new solo song "New Divide" for the movie and it works well with the video so it’s still good. Just over two weeks ago, there was a new batch of TV Spots that were released along side new images and the LP single. Those Spots showed off some cool stuff as well including our first scene of the new Autobot, Sideswipe, in action and the Twins talking so check them out if you haven't already.

The fifth one is the best in my opinion, having both the most new footage, but also the coolest intro and ending scene (I know, that’s saying a lot for a 30-second spot). I love the start where it shows the news report on TV of the aircraft carrier going down – It makes it feel much more genuine and epic, similar to Independence Day when the UFOs first arrived. The spot ends with Optimus Prime firing his gun at the camera which is an instant plus.

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