Nearly Every 'Transformers 2' Robot Revealed!

Hasbro has come out and released a massive batch of high quality images of pretty much all the Transformers characters to be featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

These new pictures finally show us all of the Constructicons which act as components that combine to form Devastator. We also get a better look at Soundwave, the Autobot Twins (Mudflap and Skids) as well as as new jet fighter called Breakaway.

It goes without saying that if you consider seeing the 'bots before the movie spoilers, there are MASSIVE picture spoilers below.

I like the updated versions of the characters from the first movie – I’m glad they’re doing a lot more than just re-releasing those figures. This comes as no surprise as Hasbro is trying to lure the collectors into re-purchasing all the characters they already purchased the first time around.

To start, here is another look at Devastator and a first look at the Constructicons:


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