Transformers 2 Shot For Imax

IMAX corporation has announced that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will have three sequences shot with IMAX® cameras. So for those of you who like to check out the summer blockbusters on the really big screen, you'll get at least three scenes specifically tailored for your viewing pleasure, with the rest of the film (up)converted to the IMAX format, but not shot using the special cameras.

Building upon its box office success, the first Transformers film was re-released three months after its inital opening as Transformers: The Imax Experience with a few added scenes. This time they're taking the initiative and pre-planning for an IMAX release right from the start. This news follows the trend begun by The Dark Knight having several scenes shot in this way and the news that Jon Favreau will shoot Iron Man 2 at least partially in IMAX. I expect that in the future, we'll be seeing more and more summer tent-pole films filmed for this format.

So what can we expect from this?

Insanely high quality and mind-blowing action sequences, probably. Unfortunately this "high quality" has nothing to do with the actual screenplay which was the real issue with the first Transformers.

Oh, and hi-res Megan Fox on an enormous screen - that should sell a ticket or two.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is due out June 26, 2009

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