Transformers 2: New Info & Pic For 'The Fallen'

[UPDATE: We now have a hi-res version of The Fallen pic, as well as some early concept art of the character!]

Of the many new Cybertronian characters we’ll finally see next month, making their big screen debuts in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the title character is the one we’ve seen the least of and know the least about. MTV sought to address this by speaking with Shia LaBeouf who revealed some new info on the character and an exclusive still from the movie featuring The Fallen.

Back in February, we got our first look at The Fallen character design but this new image is the first clear shot of him in action from an actual scene in the movie. Check it out:


LaBeouf had quite a lot to say about the character and revealed quite a bit about him that we’ve not heard others who are involved with the film talk about yet:

"He is the king bee… He's the patriarchal figure, he's the main dude. He's what all of this came from."

"Basically, the Fallen is to them what cavemen, Neanderthals were to us… He's the ancestor, the first version of this exoskeleton. He's the first version of this sentient being. That's what he is. He's the origins of what they came from."

While fans of the Transformers universe know the general stuff about the character, Shia then went on to talk about the more organic and demonic alien-like live-action adaptation of The Fallen.

"It's the design of the Transformer you see in the symbol, almost — at least, that's where the jump-off point of the idea was spawned from… That was the initial spark of his look, the actual Decepticon logo — which is cool."

As for what role The Fallen will play in the movie, especially knowing that Megatron will be back in the sequel, Shia had this to say about their relationship and the Decepticon leadership structure:

"It's the Emperor and Darth Vader — it's that kind of situation… [The Fallen] is the main villain, so two and two makes four. He's a badass. He has to be.

"The Fallen, his transportation method is really unlike any other robot's transportation method… The way he fights is also very different. It's spectacular, visually stunning, really incredible."

It all sounds intriguing to me and I’m excited for this movie to finally debut. With the crazy rushed schedule of the film’s post-production and most notably, the special effects work,  I really hope the film looks finished (unlike X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and the robots don’t come off looking too fake.

He certainly does look very organic compared to the other characters we've seen so far. Since he is one of the original Transformers, does that make him primitive in terms of his power and abilities? Doubtful. I'm thinking he'll be more god-like in power and I'm curious about what he'll transform into to travel as Shia referenced.

The star of the films also says the film is definitely of a darker tone compared to the first and he has yet to see the finished version of the character as we all know director Michael Bay is working some very long hours to get the film done in time for its release a mere few weeks away. He’ll be seeing it for the first time at its official premiere.

What do you think of the image and of what Mr. LaBeouf had to say about the character?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens in less than a month, on June 24.

Source: MTV

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