Transformers 2: The Complete Character Guide

Screen Rant has been following and sharing updates on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ever since the movie was green lit. In recent months, we’ve been paying close attention to give you updates regarding new Transformers characters that will appear in the sequel.

Following the recent trend of character information being revealed through associated toy-lines (we’ve seen this for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, G.I. Joe,  and Star Trek as well), most of our first looks at major Cybertronian newcomers to the film franchise have been through leaked images of upcoming Hasbro toys.

With the summer movie lineup fast approaching, that trend should hopefully come to a halt. For Transformers 2, there will be less of a demand for toy information because Paramount has come out and released a full list of the robots that will appear in Revenge of the Fallen.

Check it out and see for yourself:

The first thing you’ll notice is that Megatron is not listed but despite early denials of his inclusion in the film from director Michael Bay, it has been confirmed that Megatron will be in the film by writer Roberto Orci and actor Hugo Weaving who went in to do voice work for the character in the sequel.

Let’s talk a little more detail about what we know about the characters listed above [Warning: Possible Spoilers]:

The Autobots:

  • Optimus Prime (Peterbilt Truck): The returning leader of the Autobots. In the trailers we saw him getting his face punched in by a mean Decepticon and it’s rumored he may combine with Jetfire in the sequel.
  • Ironhide (GMC Topkick): The weapons specialist and veteran warrior for the Autobots makes a return as well
  • Ratchet (Hummer H2): The Autobot medic who barely saw any screen time in the first film may not get that much in the sequel either if the online material for the movie is any indicator.
  • Bumblebee (2010 Chevy Camaro Z28): The loyal soldier, Bumblebee, will ride in style as an even newer model of the Camaro this time around. Bumblebee’s job is to protect Sam Witwicki.
  • Sideswipe (Corvette Stingray Concept): A new slick addition to the team, Sideswipe features wheeled feet similar to Bonecrusher from the first movie, and arm blades as weapons.
  • Arcee (Motorcycle): Originally intended to appear in the first film but dropped due to gender issues, Arcee is apparently one of three motorcycles that are rumored to be able to combine into a single larger unit. Arcee is the only female Transformer that we know of in the movie.
  • Jetfire (SR-71 Blackbird): Old and fragile, Jetfire is an ex-Decepticon who uses a cane to walk. Jetfire left Cybertron many years before to go to earth as he grew tired of the ongoing war on his home planet. There’s a rumor he may combine with Optimus Prime in the film – My guess is that he’ll act as Optimus’ jetpack.
  • Jolt (Chevy Volt): A new addition to the Autobots, Jolt is a skilled fighter who’s always getting himself into trouble. Rumor has it, he may have electro whips as weapons.
  • Skids (Chevy Beat): Twins with brother Mudflap, they can form together for another alternate mode.
  • Mudflap (Chevy Trax): Twin brother with Skids, these characters are rumored to be unintelligent and childish (which we can see just from looking at their images)

The Decepticons:

  • Starscream (F-22 Raptor): Second in command of the Decepticons and now possibly leading the group, Starscream is back from his trip leaving earth which we saw during the end-credits of the first movie.
  • Sideways (Audi R8): A courier for the Decepticons, Sideways cowardly avoids combat and hides behind his larger teammates during battle. Some rumors point to the character being the re-incarnation of Barricade from the first film who by an obvious plot hole, disappeared during one of the scenes never to show up again.
  • The Fallen: The title character of the film, The Fallen does not have a known vehicle mode and will most likely appear only in ancient Cybertronian forms. The Fallen is one of the original Transformers and he's described as "apocalyptic" in nature, "elemental" in power.
  • Scorponok (Large Robotic Scorpion): Scorponok makes a return in the sequel having disappeared in the first half of the first Transformers. Rumor has it that he may play a big part in the resurrection of Megatron.
  • Soundwave: A fan favourite from the original cartoons, Soundwave finally makes his way onto the big screen and can transform into flying mode (and possibly a satellite mode). There’s no word on a earth object disguise mode but in the original cartoons, he was famous as turning into a Microcassette deck.
  • Ravage (One-eyed robotic Jaguar): Partnered with Soundwave, Ravage is a new addition to the film and "is described as having a very raw beast mode."
  • The Doctor (Possible Insecticon): An unknown character before this list debuted but it’s rumored he is a small spider-like robot who transformers into different torture devices (see picture from Insecticons section below).
  • Wheelie (Remote-controlled truck): Wheelie is a tiny and cowardly RC car who apparently will work for whichever side can scare him into doing what they want.
  • Demolishor: A Constructicon that’s listed separately and who’s toy does not link with the others to form Devastator. Demolishor is featured in the trailers as the massive wheeled enemy fighting Optimus Prime. He’s an unintelligent but capable fighter who arrived on earth to find Megatron destroyed and now spends his time protecting some of the smaller Decepticons.
  • Devastator: By far the largest Transformer we’ll see in this flick, Devastator is formed through the combination of seven other very large robots called the Constructicons.

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