Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

I'm usually a pretty good barometer for how the majority of moviegoers feel about an upcoming film, but in the case of Transformers 3 I'm mystified. There's been such a divisive split between those who hated Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and those who think they loved it, that now I don't know how many of you want to see a third installment (if only hoping one last time that it's done right) - and those of you who cringe at the knowledge that Revenge of The Fallen made so much money Transformers 3 is going to happen no matter what.

Either way, one guy who already has his mind on Transformers 3 is Michael Bay, and he's wondering how to outdo himself by actually proving that he can do more than make glossy, explosive, senseless sun-tanned spectacles for the screen. Buried in the special features of the Revenge of The Fallen Blu-ray, Bay talks about his early thoughts for the next chapter in Transformers.There's a video of Bay's whole spiel from the Blu-ray feature up on YouTube. I won't post it here, but if you want to get the gospel from the preacher's mouth (wow, I might be going to hell for saying that) just check out the vid OVER HERE.

I want to believe Bay's words in that video, really I do. He drops a few buzz words that I definitely wanted to hear - 'smaller-scale,' 'darker,' 'more about the robot characters,' 'less exposed,' 'more undercover,' 'emotion' - he seems more intent on telling an actual story (even if it is the Sam/Bumblebee bromance, pt. 3), and I genuinely think the crazy (and chaotic) scope of Transformers 2 was too much even for Bay's liking (if that's possible). However, right now I'm one of those people who is skeptical about this franchise's ability to deliver a truly all-around good movie;  I just love Transformers too much to give up all hope.

What do you think about Michael Bay's early thoughts about Transformers 3? Is he going in the right direction (does he even have direction)? Are you already excited for the next chapter, or are you taking this next installment to be a true omen that the end times are nigh?

Transformers 3 will be in theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: YouTube via Cinematical

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