Josh Duhamel Back for Transformers 3, Script Finished

If you watch the Transformers movies not for giant robot death matches but for the human drama, you'll be relieved to know that Josh Duhamel has confirmed that Major (or will it be Lieutenant Colonel?) Lennox will return for Transformers 3.

Duhamel has met with Michael Bay and can confirm that the script is done - with shooting scheduled for this summer. He joins fellow fleshlings Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Tyrese Gibson who are already confirmed for the third installment in the franchise - along with some Los Angeles locals.

While the movies have definitely spent too much time attempting to convince viewers that the Sam and Michaela romance is a modern day Gone with the Wind, I'd actually like to see Duhamel get a bit more to work with in Transformers 3.

Lennox was one of the only supporting human characters in the first film to be provided with a personal story - a story that was entirely dropped in the second round (probably to make room for more pot brownies). I'm not saying Bay should dedicate a lot of time to the Lennox storyline but having a little more at stake for some of the soldier characters helps add an emotional connection that was absent in the second film.

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime

That said, hopefully screenwriter Ehren Kruger realizes that most of the emphasis should be placed on the cybernetic organisms.

Courtesy of Collider, there's video to share of Duhamel talking about the Transfomers 3 script (it's at the end of the interview):

What do you think of the human cast so far? Glad everyone is returning?

Transformers 3 is slated for release on July 1, 2011.

Source: SuperHeroHype & Collider

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