Transformers 3 Casts Malkovich, McDormand and Jeong

Michael Bay takes a lot of crap from the online film community for his directorial style and decisions, but those criticisms don't seem to bother him because he's one of the most vocal directors working today. The outspoken auteur keeps in good contact with fans and foes alike through message boards and blog posts on his website,

Today, Bay updated his site with some big news for Transformers 3: Academy Award-winning actress Frances McDormand, Academy-Award nominee John Malkovich, and up-and-coming funnyman Ken Jeong have joined the cast.

According to Deadline, Malkovich will play Sam Witwicky's "first boss" and McDormand will play a "big role" as the National Intelligence Director. No word yet on Jeong's role, but is it too much to ask he reprise his role from Community and teach Shia's college Spanish course as Senor Chang?

In addition to the casting news, Bay revealed the shooting locations for the film - sites include Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow (confirming news earlier this month), and China. Looks like the "bigger is better" approach the filmmakers took with Revenge of the Fallen is being revisited when it comes to locations; let's hope the rest of the movie is toned down a bit.

Bay also released the identity of the "newest Autobot to join the Transformers: the Ferrari 458 Italia." I'm not a car connoisseur, but just doing a simple Google Image Search of that vehicle confirms what we already expected: at least the car will look cool.

No word yet about a stereotypical racist Italian voiceover, or if the Ferrari will attempt to cook spaghetti. (For those who don't pick up on the sarcasm, please remember the Mudflap and Skids fiasco from Revenge of the Fallen.)

Transformers 3 begins pre-shoots next month, and is set for a July 1st, 2011 release.


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