'Trainwreck' Red Band & Green Band Trailers: Amy Schumer Struggles with Monogamy

Both red band and green band trailers have released for director Judd Apatow's new R-Rated comedy 'Trainwreck', starring Amy Schumer.

Trainwreck poster and trailer with Amy Schumer

It's been a few years since one of Judd Apatow's directorial efforts has been a runaway success. Both Funny People and This Is 40 received mixed reviews and under-performed at the box office, especially when compared to earlier Apatow projects like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up.

This summer's Trainwreck sees Apatow returning to the director's chair for the fifth time, only with comedian Amy Schumer (of Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer) handling script writing duties. It's the first movie Apatow has directed that he didn't also write or co-write, marking an interesting creative shift for the director.

Universal Pictures has just released the above first trailer for the film, giving fans their first hint at how the Apatow-Schumer collaboration will play out onscreen. Schumer herself makes her feature-starring debut as a journalist for a men's magazine who finds her commitment-free lifestyle challenged when she meets a sports doctor (Bill Hader) during an interview.

The general premise of Trainwreck isn't unlike numerous other romantic comedies, but Schumer's distinct sense of humor - fueled largely by social commentary and gender politics - could lend the film a bit more personality than your average boy-meets-girl scenario. For a better example of just that, you should also watch the Trainwreck red band trailer, below:

With Trainwreck, it looks as though Schumer's voice will nicely match what fans of previous Apatow films expect from the director, albeit perhaps from a truer female perspective this time around. Schumer has been gaining buzz for her comedic chops for years, and Trainwreck could be the breakout hit she needs to become the next big comedy star.

In addition, the film may mark another significant step in establishing Hader as a big-screen leading man. When he left Saturday Night Live in 2013, his only major lead film role was as the voice of inventor Flint Lockwood in the 2009 animated comedy Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (which he reprised for the sequel). Sure, Hader had been a memorable supporting player in films like Superbad and Tropic Thunder, but his critically acclaimed role in indie dramedy The Skeleton Twins last year was really his first starring role. Trainwreck could be the next big step in the evolution of his film career.

Of course, it's far too early to tell if Apatow and Schumer have a winner on their hands here. However, with the talent involved in this project, there's good reason to be optimistic that Trainwreck anything other than what its title suggests. Stay tuned.

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Trainwreck Poster


Trainwreck hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Universal Pictures

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