Trainspotting 2 Set Photos & Video Emerge As Filming Continues

Trainspotting 2 set photos and video

Trainspotting 2 is finally in production, to the delight of fans who at one point feared a longed-for sequel to Danny Boyle's cult hit, Trainspotting, might never happen. The original movie made stars of Ewan McGregor, Johnny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, and Ewan Bremner, and firmly cemented itself as a classic. Talk of a sequel cropped up a lot following the film's release, but following a dispute between director Boyle and McGregor, it seemed to be nothing but a pipe dream.

That was all settled, however, and twenty years after Trainspotting's release, filming for Trainspotting 2, as it is currently known, has begun in earnest. Principal photography began at the end of March, but now the first photos and video of the cast on location in Leith and Gorgie, Scotland, have emerged.

Posted on Twitter, the pictures show Boyle on set and also Ewan Bremner in character as Spud, with one photo appearing to show him begging on the streets. His trademark yellow glasses are still in place. The following video, also posted to Twitter, is brief, showing Spud wandering down a street. Fans of the original will quickly notice that Bremner has clearly had no trouble getting back into character.

Its official, #Trainspotting2 begun filming in #Edinburgh yesterday in both Leith and Gorgie.

— Movie Review World (@MovieReviewWrld) 11 May 2016

Filming of Trainspotting 2 in North Edinburgh. #spud #trainspotting2 #getitroondya.

— Thomas Brown (@thomasjbrown1) 11 May 2016

All of the original Transporting's main cast have returned for the sequel. Alongside McGregor as Mark Renton and Bremner as Spud, Miller plays Sick Boy while Carlyle reprises his role of Begbie. Kelly MacDonald is also back as Diane. The only omission is Kevin McKidd as Tommy, whom, as many will recall, died in the first movie. Boyle is directing the movie, which is based on Irvine Welsh's follow up novel, Porno. Though not confirmed, it is thought to be a looser adaptation of the novel than Trainspotting was of its own source material.

Porno, the novel, follows Sick Boy's return to Edinburgh, and his plan to make a porn movie with the help of Renton. Begbie is newly released from prison, hell-bent determined on getting revenge on Renton and Sick Boy, and he soon hears about his plans from Spud. How much of the plot from the novel will make it into the movie is not known, but it certainly sounds like a good premise for a sequel. The repercussions from Renton's theft of Begbie's money at the end of Trainspotting will be interesting to see, to say the least.

The Cast of Trainspotting

It's possible more clues to the plot of the movie might emerge as filming progresses but it doesn't really matter either way; fans will just be pleased to see this cast working together again. Trainspotting is currently ranked tenth in the BFI's list of 100 Best British Films of All Time. Will Trainspotting 2 live up to that accolade? Well, possibly not, but Boyle has certainly had the time to perfect this movie and given that it means so much to all concerned, it's safe to say everyone will be giving it their all. McGregor has praised the  script, calling it "really, really good," and adding that if it had not been that way, then none of the cast would have agreed to making a sequel in the first place.

Trainspotting 2 has no release date (or official title) yet, but we will keep you updated with all developments.

Source: Twitter

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