Trainspotting 2: Danny Boyle Aiming For 2016 Release Date

Trainspotting 2 may release in 2016 with Ewam McGregor

Trainspotting would seem an unlikely candidate to receive a sequel. The Scottish heroin drama starring Ewan McGregor came out in 1996 and told a relatively self-contained story, and its director, Danny Boyle, has since become an Oscar-winner with all of the options in the world as to what movies to make at any given time.

However, it sounds like the new Trainspotting film really is the next project as director, after his 2015 film Steve Jobs, for Boyle. The filmmaker previously announced his intention to make the project a reality and has since confirmed that a script is done; furthermore, if all goes according to Boyle's plan, the movie will reach theaters during the 2016 calendar year.

While speaking with Coming Soon as part of the promotional push for Steve Jobs, Boyle clarified that he intends to start filming Trainspotting 2 by mid-2016:

“It’s May and June next year we shoot and we’ve got a terrific script… We’ve got the four main actors all eager and willing to do it. I’m very happy because my only (concern) was that the script would be good for two of them and not so great for the other two, and they’d feel obliged to come back, but they’ve all got good stuff, and it’s a very interesting look at them again. Hopefully, we can get it finished in time to release it in 2016 which is the 20th Anniversary year, so yes, we’re on it, and it’s looking good.”

Boyle added that the film was going to be based on the Trainspotting novel author Irvine Welsh’s 2002 sequel book, called "Porno", but that this particular title has been “set aside” (read: the film sequel is going to have a different title). He had indicated earlier that the four main actors from Trainspotting - Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller and Ewan Bremner - should all be back, even though Boyle and McGregor supposedly had a falling out years ago.

Trainspotting sequel in development

Trainspotting was one of the more exhilarating films of the 1990s, finding a new way to tell a story about drug addiction and introducing Boyle’s unique filmmaking style to a large audience for the first time. A sequel should be worthwhile, provided Boyle has a good idea for it - and he and his cast can find a way to take the material in a new direction.

However, filming in May and June for a release in 2016 might be an overly ambitious goal, especially since there’s no indication that the sequel has yet obtained financing or distribution.

Trainspotting 2, its director’s hopes notwithstanding, currently has no official release date. Well let you know when that changes.

Source: Coming Soon

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