Trainspotting 2 Empire Magazine Covers & Images Released

Empire releases four character covers for T2 Trainspotting, as well as a special subscribers' cover and new images from the Danny Boyle sequel.

Trainspotting 2 Empire cover (cropped)

In 1996, director Danny Boyle brought Irvine Welsh’s novel Trainspotting to the big screen with the help of screenwriter John Hodge and with Ewan McGregor playing the film's lead - Renton, a heroin addict living in an economically-depressed Edinburgh. Trainspotting has become one of the best-received Scottish films of all time and remains a favourite among critics and film fans.

Now 20 years later, fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release of T2 Trainspotting, stylised as T2, based in part on Welsh’s novel Porno, and with the original film's cast reprising their roles. T2 will hit theaters around the world by the first quarter of 2017 - and being one of the most anticipated releases of the year, the film is now gracing magazine covers and getting new promotional images alike.

Each of the main character in T2 has gotten their own Empire cover with the film’s representative color palette: orange, black, and white, just like the poster of the original movie. The first cover features Ewan McGregor as Renton, the second has Robert Carlyle as anger-driven Begbie, cover #3 features Ewen Bremner as Spud, and the fourth cover has Jonny Lee Miller as the unforgettable Simon ‘Sick Boy’.

In addition to the character covers, Empire subscribers will get a special cover designed by French artist Mr. Brainwash – also known as the star of Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop. This cover features the four main characters of the film in a street-art style cover resembling graffiti. You can check out all five Empire covers plus new T2 images, in the gallery below.


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Inside the pages of the latest issue of Empire, readers will find exclusive images and on-set access to the Trainspotting sequel, as well as interviews with the cast and director who shared their experiences on revisiting these characters twenty years later – like Robert Carlyle who says the T2 script made him shed a few tears:

“I was crying. I thought, ‘why the f– am I crying at this?’ [...] Danny felt it. Ewan and Ewen felt it. Jonny, we all felt this real emotional connection to these characters and to this world. But that first read – I was speaking to Ewan McGregor, saying, ‘I cannae believe I’m feeling like this’. I’ve never cried when I’ve read a screenplay before. Ever."

Ewan McGregor shares that he was nervous about reprising his role as Renton but it all faded away once he got into character, as he and Renton are pretty much one and there was “nothing to find – he was already there.” He mentioned some other similarities that he found he had with the character, during his interview with Empire:

“I hadn’t seen Danny for all those years, and Renton hasn’t seen his mates for all those years. I haven’t lived in Scotland since I was 17. He f– off, and I f– off. He’s coming back, I was coming back. There were an awful lot of parallels, you might say."

The new issue of Empire hits stands on December 29 with more images, interviews, and insight on the return of Renton and company to the big screen. It’s only a matter of weeks until we know what Renton has been up to, what Spud did with the money he was left with at the end of the first movie, which path Sick Boy followed after that film - and if Begbie still has anger-issues that need to be treated, when T2 picks up.

Source: Empire

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