Training Day and MacGyver Ordered by CBS for Next Season

Training Day MacGyver CBS Series

There has been an endless amount of crime dramas over the years, but there hasn’t been as many memorable iterations as the critically-acclaimed Training Day and the surprising, small-screen hit MacGyver. The former, a 2001 drama that starred Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, was vastly different than the latter, a television show that starred Richard Dean Anderson that debuted in 1985 and ran for seven seasons.

Still, the two entities’ success years ago, along with its strong name recognition after all these years, made it apparent that at least one of the two hits would be revisited at a later date. CBS ordered pilots for new television series based on Training Day and MacGyver earlier this year, and now the network has decided to proceed with both shows.

EW is reporting CBS has ordered the two dramas to debut during the Fall 2016 season. The MacGyver series is described as a "series reboot of the 1980s action-hour classic" starring Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse). Meanwhile, Training Day will star Bill Paxton (Aliens, Twister) and newcomer Justin Cornwell.

Training Day will reportedly take place 15 years after the events of the film, with the new leads, played by Paxton and Cornwell, roaming the streets of Los Angeles in the same awkward circumstances that brought Washington and Hawke’s characters together. MacGyver, however, will be a complete reboot of the original series that will be built around MacGyver (Till) once again saving the day in crazy, unconventional ways.

Training Day - Ethan Hawke

The director of the original Training Day film, Antoine Fuqua, is listed as an executive producer, however, Danny Cannon (Gotham) is listed as the director, which confirmed previous reports that Fuqua wouldn’t be running the TV adaption. Henry Wrinkler, an executive producer in MacGyver’s original run in the eighties and early nineties, will return to the show in the same role.

It’s certainly disappointing that Fuqua, along with Hawke, won’t be heading the TV adaption of Training Day, but the premise is just as enticing as it was in the original film. MacGyver seems be the bigger risk for CBS, as it should be interesting to see how much the new showrunners try and make the character feel fresh in 2016.

CBS has debuted a number of re-imaginings in recent years, including crime procedurals Limitless and Rush Hour as well as comedy The Odd Couple - in addition to Fox's sci-fi procedural Minority Report - to varying degrees of success. Still, it will be fascinating to see how these memorable entities get reinvented on the small-screen years after exiting the mainstream.

We'll bring you more information on the Training Day and MacGyver TV series as it becomes available.

Source: EW

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